Is A Gaming Chair Also Good For Studying Purposes?

A gaming chair is great for studying with its superior lumbar support. For example, the DXRacer Formula Series gaming chair is fairly comfortable. It supports the lower back for hours of studying. Ergonomic for gaming and supportive for students, it has real office versatility.

A gaming chair is also good for studying purposes, as shown by research. An A. Muehlhan et. all 2014 study shows the benefits of posture on cognition. Sitting is better for studying purposes than laying on the bed. There is no scientific difference between a gaming chair and an office chair when it comes to position. This is why a gaming chair is also good for studying purposes.

The study mentions subjects were actually more responsive on memory exercises when sitting when compared to lying on the bed (supine position). In fact, most participants were slower to react to their cognitive tasks when laying on the bed. This slower reaction is not seen while sitting.

Top reasons why a gaming chair is also good for studying purposes.

  • Better ergonomics and increased comfort
  • Improved cushioning in the seat pan and the backrest
  • Better lumbar support and pain relief
  • Increased breathability during long hours of studying
  • Recline function perfect for textbooks’ reading
  • Included headrest for studying breaks

In the following section, we’ll address these benefits with real-world examples. There are other side benefits such as adjustability, so it’s having a quick scan over them before choosing a gaming chair for studying.

Better ergonomics and increased comfort

Gaming chair ergonomics is not a myth. In fact, gaming chairs are among the most ergonomic designs on the market. The DXRacer Formula Series is a gaming chair with considerable cushioning and lateral support on the seat pan. It also comes with an ergonomic backrest.

There is lateral support in the lumbar and in the shoulder areas on the backrest also. Most importantly, students actually get to sit in an ergonomic position, which reduced pressure on the lower back, which is suitable for lower back pain reduction.

Improved cushioning in the seat pan and the backrest

The foam filling of the DXRacer Formula series offers comfort for up to 8 hours of sitting. It is known that studying requires considerable effort and sitting is part of this effort. Compared to an office chair such as Ikea’s Renberget, the DXRacer gaming chair shines in all areas of extra foam cushioning.

Better lumbar support and pain relief

Lumbar support is a considerable problem while studying. Many users simply need to look at lumbar support for what it really has to offer. This is why the slightly reclined upper back position reduces the pressure on the lower spine, as opposed to the hunched-over position favored by other chairs.

Students already experiencing back pain don’t really have a better option than an ergonomic design, such as a gaming chair. This is why it’s actually worth investing in solutions which allow users to work on their posture, which might already be problematic from long hours of sitting.

Increased breathability during long hours of studying

Gaming chairs are made with some of the most breathable mesh materials possible. This means they handle extra body heat better. With improved breathability, it goes without saying that these chairs can offer better comfort for students learning for hours at a time. Of course, some of these materials are also seen on office chairs. However, not many office chairs combine them with thick cushioning.

Recline function perfect for textbooks’ reading

There are moments when students simply do not want to learn at the computer. Courses are being printed and books are being read so that the eyes can take a break from watching monitors. But there’s nothing that facilitates this more than the recline function of the gaming chair.

The backrest goes back and it allows the user to rest in a reclined position, practically reducing effects weight on the lower spine, which comes with extra comfort and relaxation.

Included headrest for studying breaks

Along the same line with the recline function, the supported headrest of most gaming chairs is impressive. Unlike many office chairs which offer no headrest, most gaming chairs offer headrests with thick cushioning for an immediate feeling of comfort. There are various gaming chairs to be considered for studying purposes. Many of them are simply chosen according to their category. Popular gaming chair categories include the following.

  • PC gaming chairs
  • Platform or rocker gaming chairs
  • Hybrid gaming chairs

Even with these types of gaming chairs, studying has different particularities depending on the area of study. This is why mathematics requires more sit-down action for long hours and why multimedia might require frequently getting up to reach various equipment.

Best gaming chair for studying mathematics

  • Long hours of sitting
  • Higher body temperature
  • Possible back pain

Following the characteristics above, the best gaming chair for mathematics is a PC gaming chair, such as the Arozzi. Suitable for long hours of sitting, it is one of the chairs which is made with lumbar support and with added breathability, mainly valuable with longer studying sessions.

Best gaming chair for studying linguistics

  • Getting on and off frequently
  • Proper cushioning comfort
  • Supportive backrest for tests

Linguistics might not require studying at a desk, at least not until those popular practice tests. This is why a rocker chair can be a good option. Linguistic students might as well be choosing a solution which allows them to spread out all of the course materials on the floor with a rocker gaming chair.

Best gaming chair for studying IT

  • Complete posture support
  • Ergonomics for long hours of sitting
  • Adjustability to reach the keyboard at the right angle

It work requires the attention on the monitor at all times. This is why a PC gaming chair is a suitable option. It allows users to place their focus directly where it matters while ensuring the best back support and that waterfall seat pan which allows good blood circulation in the feet.

Best gaming chair used for studying archeology

  • Fixed chair design to work on restoration details
  • Added comfort for better focus
  • Washable after possible chemical accidents

As named above, the particularities of studying archeology might require work with artifacts and a lot of sitting action with no movement. This is why breathability is key and a PC gaming desk offers such results. Having the ability to block the swivel of the gaming chair can also be valuable for archeology students as every wrong move can come with some type of error, such as when dealing with restoration projects.

Best gaming chair for studying multimedia

  • Adjustability for lateral movements
  • The adaptability of the backrest in all angles
  • Included multimedia accessories such as speakers

Multimedia work often involves handing multiple devices such as microphones and cameras. Those in multimedia know that sitting non-stop is a luxury they can’t afford. Often getting up and sitting back is all that made in this world. A chair which comes with smooth height adjustability is recommended for multimedia students. Even having the ability to support the head is important as there are many multimedia students doing recordings at the desk, which are always the best when the posture is correct.

A hybrid gaming chair is not really recommended for studying as it can favor a sleepy attitude and a lack of focus.

Undervalued gaming chair benefits for studying purposes

When it comes to using a gaming chair for studying purposes, there are also a few features which are considerably undervalued. It is why these gaming chairs are overlooked by students when they can actually be the best option for learning purposes.

Full recline for napping

A quick nap can do wonders for students. Feeling sharp and refreshed is possible even when sleeping for just half an hour during the day. With a lot of reading to be done, it’s no wonder so many students actually feel the need to focus better and instead of drying endless cup of coffee, they can take a nap right in the gaming chairs which offer full recline.

Quiet casters

Quiet casters are particularly useful in dorms. In most cases, there are no carpets to rely on for the smooth movement of the chair and this means rubberized casters are perfect to keep a low profile and not disturb other students. Quiet casters are also recommended to keep wooden floors in a good shape and since students don’t have money to spend on replacement wood pieces, this is also a considerable advantage.

High-density foam

High-density foam is characterized by its stronger profile. It doesn’t immediately collapse and it doesn’t remain in a collapsed state as other types of foam in its class. This is why it can be important to always choose the right products when it comes to long-term use, especially since uni lasts at least 3 years.

Angle-adjustable armrests

The benefits of the angle-adjustable armrests should already be known to all users. It is these types of armrests which allow one of the best experiences when it comes to the various types of learning. Holding a book and laying back requires a different hands angle compared to when using a keyboard. This is why the angle and the height of the armrests can offer the best adjustability when combining for the ultimate results.


It’s no surprise students don’t have too much money to spend. The affordability of the gaming chair is one of the most important characteristics to consider. This is why an affordable gaming chair is especially valued by those trying to push through their studies and who already have a lot of financial pressure to purchase texts books and other supportive learning materials.

The good news is that not all gaming chairs are expensive. In fact, there are affordable options, even if they don’t come covered in the most expensive kangaroo leather.

Included installation tools

Along the same lines of affordability, the best gaming chairs for studying purposes are also shipped with installation tools. Students don’t even have an Allan wrench and including everything in the pack from the start is seen as a major advantage.

While students are smart and they can install a gaming chair on their own, they might need a helping hand with the tools needed for the process. Some of the most respected brands in the industry now include all the tools needed to have the chair up in minutes.

The low maintenance PU leather

Unlike many other materials which are impossible to clean, PU leather is easily wiped with a few cleaning wipes. This is why these chairs are perfect for studying. Those who study hours and hours each day, don’t really have time to deal with everything the maintenance routine needs to be met with.

Unlike many textile materials, leather and synthetic leather is actually fast to clean. This is why that studying can rest assured that even if they drop some food on their beloved gaming chairs, it will not be long until they get to experience one of the simplest cleaning processes they could hope for.


There are a million reasons to say that a gaming chair is good for studying purposes. However, none of them is really as important as their supportive role with posture. Gaming chairs are leaders in ergonomics and unlike a few other ergonomic office chairs, they are also not the most expensive to purchase.

There are plenty of good options to consider when it comes to the actual type of gaming chair. However, names such as DXRacer offer balanced products at a fair rate. There are other options as well, such as those from Arozzi. However, it actually remains valuable to see how each student can improve productivity and the time spent studying with an actual gaming chair.

Are you a student? Or are you simply studying on your own? Do you use a gaming chair at the desk? What is your main takeaway and would you advise others to do the same? Let us know below.

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