Gaming Chair Brands – The A to Z Masterlist

Gaming chair brands come and go. Some of them never make it past a few years. Others are already established in the gaming space. As you may find, some gaming chairs are actually sold under different brands. However, most of the brands below have gotten some recognition in the gaming chair brands of today.


ACME Furniture

With a few interesting floor chairs, the brand brings a classic appeal into the gaming world.


The brand offers racing gaming chairs. The chairs are available in a range of colors.


With a small number of products, the gaming chairs are mainly suitable for PC gaming setups.


Arozzi offers gaming chairs for users of different heights and weights. Simple standing desks are also available from the brand.

Amazon Basics

Amazon has its own range of affordable gaming chairs. They could be a great way towards the world of comfortable gaming.

Anda Seat

Customization options are on the rise at Anda Seat. The gaming chair brand positions itself as a mid-range manufacturer.


AutoFull combines popular characteristics such as racing gaming chair designs with mesh materials mainly seen on regular office chairs.


Clutch Chairz

Gaming chairs from the brand mostly have a racing design. Office-style chairs such as the Overdrive Series are their alternative.

Cougar Armor

The manufacturer offers complete gaming solutions. From gaming chairs to keyboards and headsets, all products are aimed at the dedicated gamer.

Conception Ebern Designs

The rare and unique designs of these chairs make them an interesting option. They certainly are the Swatch of the gaming chair industry.


Stylish finishes are available on Corsair gaming chairs. 4D arms adjustability is offered on most designs.



DXRacer is a top manufacturer with a line of racing-style gaming chairs. Office chairs are also available from the brand.



For the moments when gaming is not necessarily a tech matter, the wooden designs of the manufacturer can serve kids the most.


The new Knight series from E-Win balances affordability with comfort and adjustable lumbar support.



Ficmax offers a range of affordable chairs, mainly inspired by similar premium designs.


With a small range of affordable gaming chairs, a brand is mainly an entry-level option.

Furniture of America

The wide variety of chairs from Furniture of America recommends the brand for gamers looking to create a stylish playing area.


GT Omega Racer

Leather office chairs and racing simulator cockpits are offered by the manufacturer. The products are aimed at the avid gamer.


Herman Miller

Not exactly a gaming chair brand, Herman Miller has its own die-hard fans. The likes of Aeron and Cosm can prove versatile options for the modern gamer.


The modern office chairs from Hodedah are sometimes mentioned by gamers on various forums for their durability and simple design.



The brand’s gaming chairs are known for their relative affordability. But some of the chairs can be useful for extremely tall gamers as well.



Ergonomic designs with extra lateral support are seen at Maxnomic. Lumbar support pillows are available as well.


Next Level Racing GT

There’s plenty of attention to detail offered by the brand. Its black stealth nuts and bolts are on such example in practice.


Mostly offering comfortable gaming chairs, the brand is known for its high-quality finish designs. Leather is used on most chairs. Collectibles are also offered such as the Sporting Lisbon gaming chair.

Nitro Concepts

The racing-inspired design of the Nitro concept gaming chair brand can be interesting to watch in the future.



The OFM gaming chairs are comfortable. Their design is based on contoured segmented padding.



With Alcantara leather, PS and F1 designs, the band offers some of the quirkiest designs of the moment.



The 400 Series is the most complex choice for Respawn gaming chairs. Recline versatility is available on the popular gaming chairs.



Seen in fancy gaming magazines, the products from Seatcraft have a certain luxury appeal to them, mainly used in home multimedia rooms.


The brand offers a small number of gaming chairs specifically targeting the affordable range.


Offering 3 customizable designs, Secretlab is one of the few manufacturers working with standard materials with luxury alternatives.


Thunder X3

All gaming chairs from the brand are customizable by color. High-density molding foam is used for comfort.



With office design inspiration, the gaming chairs from the manufacturer are known for their ergonomics. Breathable mesh materials are a distinct characteristic.


X Rocker

With rocker and racing-style chairs, the brand is popular being found at most serious retailers.

Did we forget any gaming chair brands? Which is your favorite? Give us your thoughts and opinions below.

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