The High Back Gaming Chair Benefits You (May) Need to Know

Are high back gaming chairs really worth it? The question arises with their higher price range. In many cases, both gamers and office workers are actually not seeing past the comfort benefits of such designs. In reality, if a high back gaming chair is properly designed, it can solve a few common issues.

The high back gaming chair – how high is it really?

First things first, how high is a high back gaming chair? The Secretlab Omega gaming chair has a backrest height of 82cm. The Arozzi Verona Pro V2 (jump to the Arozzi Verona Pro V2 review)also has a backrest height of 82cm. Only its bigger brother, the Torreta XL (jump to the Arozzi Torretta XL gaming chair review) has a backrest height of 84cm.

The Marvo CH-105 has a backrest height of 75cm. The heights can mean nothing unless compared to the height of the user. But most importantly, they can be the foundation of a few impressive posture benefits.

The benefits of the high back gaming chair

Using a gaming chair has its own distinct advantages. The support and the comfort of such desk chairs are what even makes them an alternative for the office workers looking for a bit of extra padding.

  • Posture and ergonomics

Lumbar lordosis represents the natural curvature of the spine. When it is met by proper support, it allows the entire back to relax and to get comfortable. Studies show that regardless of the height a certain backrest has, the additional support in the lower back area equates to reduced pressure on the back by up to 35%.

Research shows that when in use over long hours, backrests with lumbar support are also perceived to be as more comfortable, even if the sitting position is not really correct.

  • Comfort

Many gamers believe that comfort cannot be measured. But one Peking University study shows that backrest comfort can be measured. The study showed that the higher the density of the backrest, the more reduced the contact area with the user is.

Most importantly, a minimum density with support of up to 10kg/m3 can be perceived as comfortable. While lower density can reduce the pressure on the back, at a density of 10kg/m3, the backrest begins to offer a good balance between support and reducing the excessive curvature of the lower back.

Backrest density had a significant effect on backrest pressure variables. CP and PCP increased with increasing backrest density. Contact area decreased with increased density. In terms of user preference, the backrest with low density was most highly rated.

  • Recline support

With a backrest recline between 110 and 130 degrees, users can experience even more relaxation. The high backrest gaming chair is able to support the entire spine and even the head when in a reclined position.

Muscle activity has been shown to be at its lowest in this range, which means high back gaming chairs are actually beneficial in the area of pressure relief and muscle relaxation.

Is a high back gaming chair right for you?

If these benefits may not appeal to all gamers, especially for those who do not sit for hours at a time, they can be an indication that these chairs are here to stay. High back gaming chairs can offer all of these benefits.

But the high back gaming chair still offers very subjective support, as shown in the added observations of the studies above.

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