How Much is a Gaming Chair – Click For Prices and Discount Tips

New gamers might be asking themselves how much is a gaming chair before making a purchase. But prices vary considerably. They can vary from around $50 to over $1.000. While the prices are very different, the chairs can offer different designs and characteristics for the money.

How much is a gaming chair? Here are the true costs and a few examples

So just how much is a gaming chair? How much do gamers need to save? The list below details a few popular options at the moment. From individual brands to superstore-owned brands, here are a few prices to consider.

  • Arozzi Enzo gaming chair – $149
  • Target gaming chair – $159 for the Sadie Leather gaming chair
  • DXRacer gaming chair – $289 for the Formula Series
  • Merax gaming chair – $109 for the High Back gaming chair
  • Staples gaming chair – $299
  • Omega gaming chair – $389 for the Secretlab
  • GT Racing gaming chair – $159
  • Titan gaming chair – $490
  • Rocker gaming chair – $139
  • Kinsal gaming chair – NA
  • Ficmax gaming chair – $159
  • Ewin gaming chair – $289
  • Walmart gaming chair – $179 for the X Rocker 2.1
  • Amazon gaming chair – from $66

Here’s how you save money when purchasing a gaming chair

All of the above are not final prices. They can increase with added options. Gamers could spend more on better materials and accessories such as lumbar support pillows.

But just how much is spent on each chair depends on the chair itself. However, most gamers chairs can be purchased at discounted rates in the following scenarios.

  • Discontinued gaming chairs

Older designs can come at lower rates. Discontinued gaming chairs do not cost as much, as all stocks need to go. If you aren’t a fan of the latest bells and whistles, it might be worth looking these chairs up.

  • Sales

Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales can be great for how much is spent on a gaming chair. If you’re wondering on how much is a gaming chair on Black Friday, you might be in for new figures.

Hidden costs of a gaming chair

Apart from the cost of the gaming chair itself, it’s worth noting that there are additional costs with most purchases as detailed below.

  • Additional options

Additional options can cost more. For example, Secretlab Omega has extras such as Prime PU leather and Napa leather, which add to the cost of the chair. Special edition designs can also cost more.

  • Shipping

Shipping charges are added to most orders. Sent via services such as DHL, gaming chairs can incur extra delivery costs. SecretLab ships from Tennessee and Utah in the US and its European locations for all EU orders.

  • Arozzi ships chairs for free in most locations
  • Secretlab ships most of its chairs for free with 2-4 day delivery.
  • DX Racer offers free shipping.
  • Walmart offers free shipping.
  • Ewin racer offers free shipping inside the US and the EU.

How much is your gaming chair? Share its price and real-world worth below. Did you pay extra for shipping? If so, how much more? Let us know in the comments section.

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