Arozzi Verona Pro V2 Review – The 290lbs Capacity Beast

The Verona Pro V2, as one of the mid-range options from Arozzi, is always a tempting design for new and experienced gamers. The chair comes with a few proven features Arozzi fans might already be comfortable with. At the same time, the chair is also among the designs which are racing-inspired, which now has a legion of fans across multiple brands.


Reasons to consider the Arozzi Verona Pro V2

  • Built with a maximum weight capacity of 290lbs (130kg)
  • The first in Arozzi’s line (from affordable to expensive) to use an advanced seat mechanism
  • Fun to use with its rocking function
  • Suitable for gamers who like Arozzi’s locking tilt advantage
  • Reclines back to 165 degrees and can be locked anywhere along the way
  • Based on large casters which don’t get stuck in carpets
  • Cushioned design throughout
  • Based on high-density foam cushioning
  • Comes at a weight of 48.5lbs
  • A large 540mm seat pan
  • Tall 820mm backrest suitable for all heights
  • Made with 260mm adjustable armrests
  • Based on 470mm seat pan depth comfort
  • Offers a height-adjustable lumbar support pillow
  • Ships with a head support pillow
  • Suitable for men and women with blue, carbon black, grey, green, orange, and red

Reasons not to consider the Arozzi Verona Pro V2

  • Variable foam density (40-45 kg/m³ for the seat pan and 25 kg/m³ for the backrest)
  • Armrests only adjust in height



A few tempting features of the Arozzi Verona Pro V2


The second release of the Verona gaming chair now comes with extra space. This is seen both in the seat pan and in the backrest’s design. Most importantly, the ergonomics of the chair has been improved. Gamers can’t really complain in too many areas. One exception could be with the differentiated foam used for padding. But then again, this is Arozzi’s policy as it offers such an improved design in under the names of Torretta and Torretta XL.

The ergonomic design and its support

Ergonomics is always an attraction point with the chair. This is why Arozzi offers chairs which have a similar approach, regardless of their price. Gamers know the Arozzi Verona Pro V2 gaming chair is a good first option in its category. It is actually better-equipped than most designs in its class.

Those moving up from the classic cash & carry entry-level option will find the chair to be surprisingly comfortable. This impact is mainly based on the hugging design of the chair. Its lateral support is not necessarily needed. It is basically borrowed from racing car seats where this support is needed in tight corners. But the gaming chair takes this and offers users an improved level of comfort.

The extra help of the back pillows

If most gaming chairs in this price range don’t place too much emphasis on posture, the Verona Pro V2 comes with a few extras to help gamers realize just how imported their posture is in a world where they sit for hours. There are two pillows which are added to the chair. The lower pillow is used for lumbar support. It is based on two straps and it is height adjustable so that it can suit users of different heights. The upper pillow is mainly suitable for head support and it can be removed when not in use. Both pillows add a new level of comfort to the user.

But why would a gamer use a lumbar pillow in the first place? Aren’t those for the elderly? There is growing evidence to show that the lumbar area needs to be focused on when it comes to proper posture. Since bad posture is formed in years, the most exposed to it are students and professionals who sit for hours every day. A simple small lumbar pillow is then among the solutions to be considered for a straight back without rounded shoulders. The lumbar pillow also supports a correct thoracic position.

There is more information to be learned about the ergonomics of the backrests made by Arozzi. However, it is up to the users to learn more about proper posture and how to maximize the results of the lumbar support pillow to see the results they want in time.

A fun and useful steep recline

If Arozzi is unfairly blamed for all types of shortcomings, the steep recline is not one of them. The function is added on all of its gaming chairs. But the Verona Pro V2 comes with a 165 degrees recline function. Gamers can use it to set their desired angle to let their hair down for a minute or two. Taking a break from gaming can be quick and will not require leaving the chair. This can also be a time for the spine to relax and straighten after long hours of sitting.

A rocking function to get moving

The rocking function of the chair is fun to use. Of course, everybody discusses its impact on a higher activity level. But as all gamers know, it is actually one of the fun ways to stay entertained and focused when the pressure is on. For most gamers, the rocking function of the chair is also one of the rare times when the core gets some activation. Going back to the posture benefits, this fun way of sitting can also come with some improvements in the postural muscle.

What gamers wish Arozzi Verona Pro V2 would improve

The Arozzi Verona Pro V2 is among the choices many gamers consider. But they have their doubts when it comes to the chair’s cushion. Some other doubts are related to the functionality of the armrests.

A different type of foam for the backrest and the seat pan

Those looking deeper into the figures of the chair immediately notice that the backrest’s foam density is lower than the foam on the seat pan. But users also need to realize that this differentiation is made with many other brands.

A possible explanation can come from the fact that the chair is actually made for the average user and it does not need too much strength in the backrest. A more plausible explanation is that this foam is lower in density because it is actually cheaper. For most users, the difference may not even be notifiable. However, those who are closer to the 290lbs weight mark are those going to notice the difference more and this is why those gamers are better suited with the Torretta gaming chair.

What is high-density foam?

High-density foam is characterized by a higher weight per cubic foot. The foam is also characterized by strong cell structure which improved its durability. The foam is either poured or injected into a mold during its manufacturing process.

Let’s talk about armrests

The armrests of the Verona Pro V2 are not fixed, which is already a positive aspect. But they are not as adjustable as those of the Torretta. They allow users to set them according to height preferences. This means that the chair is recommended for basic use, but they will not suit those with high demands such as gamers looking for premium designs.

Even in these conditions, the armrests are actually height-adjustable. They allow users to set their own level and the arms to actually naturally rest on the armrests. This can reduce shoulder pain and upper back stiffness often associated with poor arms position over long periods.

But the armrests lack the 4-direction adjustability of some of the top gaming chairs on the market. This means that some users have to say goodbye to the idea of having a selectable angle for their hands, which could have been useful when playing with a keyboard and alternatively with a controller. But for the price, the adjustable armrests is what manufacturers typically offer.

Is the Arozzi Verona Pro V2 worth it?

The Arozzi Verona Pro V2 is definitely worth it. The chair is ready for the ultimate level of freedom for most gamers. It offers unprecedented space with an ergonomic design, which gives it enough sustainability to even be seen as a future-proof design.

PU leather practicality

The cover of the seat is represented by PU leather. The material is very popular in the industry and it is even used on chairs which cost twice as much. The Arozzi Verona Pro V2 comes as one of the names which bases their practicality on the material and it is easy to see why.

Gamers can quickly clean the chair when needed. A simple wet wipe and a cleaning solution keep the chair fresh and free from odors for long periods of time. Even the armrests can be wiped clean. All areas of contact should be cleaned from time to time. Some brands even recommended wiping the entire chair when dusting the house.

The mid-range option from Arozzi

As a mid-range product, a few features can be borrowed from premium products while others can be borrowed from lower-end products. This is also the case of the Verona Pro V2. However, the chair is based on a durable frame, which is as mid-range as they get. With a 290lbs weight capacity and durable casters, it can easily hold gamers even when in full recline. The large casters are also practical. They ensure users can easily glide on some carpets and that the chair can be moved out of the way with one hand if needed.

Just enough adjustability for most gamers

Of course, many other features could be added to the chair. However, it is not always the case that users have the freedom to simply choose the type of features they want in their chairs. This is why the Verona Pro V2 is one of the leading solutions to consider for backrest adjustability, more than anything else.

The two added support pillows can go far. They represent one of the distinct characteristics. In fact, many gamers recognize the chair simply when seeing the two pillows with their height adjusting straps. Having the recline function helps as well. In other cases, gamers might feel limited by the actual armrests and support, especially when closer to the 290lbs weight.

Coloring the way to gaming fun

Life would be so dull without color. A gaming chair would certainly lack as much character as it can have without colors. Arozzi Verona Pro V2 comes in:

  • Blue
  • Carbon black
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red

But the colors do not actually change the entire PU leather surface from black. They only update the colors on the side of the backrest, on the seat pan and on the Arozzi logo. Of course, they can suit different styles. They can match keyboard lights as well as the desk or even the room. Colors can simply be chosen according to the personality of the gamer.

Other customization options include floor mats. Arozzi has its own floormat which can be used in combination with the Verona Pro V2 to protect hardwood surfaces. With noise dampening benefits, the floormat has a size of 45.7 x 45.7 inches which covers the entire area of the chair allowing for some movement as well.

Final considerations

With one of the best weight capacities in its mid-class profile, the Arozzi Verona Pro V2 is one of the chairs to be considered for the dedicated gamer. It can also be a great first purchase for those moving up to gaming chairs. Since it comes with a distinct ergonomic design, it represents a comfortable choice with a smooth transition. But the chair can also be an option for those looking to get into Arozzi products and who needs a more affordable option when compared to the Torretta or to the Verona V2.

At a weight of just above 48lbs, the gaming chair is not the lightest but compared to the standards of thickly-padded chairs, it is not the heaviest neither. From this perspective, it still has good practicality and the ability to be moved from place to place with ease. But is the chair a good purchase? Judging by its real-world reviews and by its 2-year warranty policy, the chair is a future-proof purchase.

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