Arozzi Enzo Gaming Chair Review: Sleek as a Ferrari

It might sound more like a Ferrari, but the Arozzi Enzo gaming chair won’t speed away from the desk. In fact, it is made to stay there and keep gamers in place on a racing-inspired design. As the most affordable Arozzi gaming desk, the Enzo is ready to tackle some of the most pressing issues new racing chair gamers face, the problem of pricing.
With a low price, the chair offers an affordable path to the Arozzi gaming chair range. But there is another ace up its sleeve, an ace even the most expensive alternatives don’t have. It comes with a rather flat backrest and seat pan. With no hugging design, some gamers can really feel comfortable on the chair, as they are not going to slip sideways anyway.

Arozzi Enzo gaming chair review – Should gamers buy it?

As with all products, when the word “affordable” is being used in the description, expectations automatically go lower. But the Enzo is not as bad as many would imagine. Nearly a third cheaper than the Torretta, the gaming chair actually offers plenty of great features to deal with on a daily basis.

Reasons to buy the Arozzi Enzo gaming chair

  • Sturdy frame with a 190lbs weight capacity
  • The low actual weight of just 33lbs
  • First class foam density cushioning (30 kg/m³ for the seat and 25 kg/m³ for the backrest)
  • 740mm tall backrest
  • A comfortable seat pan width of 540mm
  • Comfortably cushioned 375mm armrests
  • No hugging design, suitable for selected gamers
  • Covered with PU leather
  • Designed with a relaxing rocking function
  • The rocking backrest can lock in place
  • Available with 6 colored elements of choice
  • Probably bears the coolest name in the industry – “Enzo”

Reasons not to buy the Arozzi Enzo gaming chair

  • Cushioned with a differentiated foam on the backrest than on the seat pan
  • Takes patience to install (eg. 8 screws only for armrests)

All the great characteristics of the Arozzi Enzo

Enzo comes from Italian or German and it can mean a lot of things as it can also be a short version of Vincenzo. Whichever the root of the gaming chair’s name is, there’s little doubt it has impressive potential. Stripped form all the complicated features and materials which we known Arozzi can offer, the Enzo gaming chair goes back to basics.

It starts with the right weight

With a maximum weight capacity of 190lbs (95kg), the Enzo is in line with what most products in its class can handle. Of course, the weight capacity of a racing-style gaming chair can go up to 130kg, but the Enzo still offers a suitable capacity for the average user.

At the extreme ends where users have a height closer to 200cm or when they carry extra weight, the chair will not be too sustainable. Based on a height adjustment piston, the chair is mainly to be used within its limits. Finding out the chair is not sustainable-enough after the purchase is not something many gamers want to experience. So with the Arozzi Enzo or with any other gaming chairs, the quest for the perfect solution starts with weight capacity.

The padding missing from regular office chairs

Enzo’s padding is comfortable enough for most users. Of course, it is very far from what other chairs offer, such as the more expensive Torrettas. But the Enzo will be a significant step form many office chairs for most gamers. It can come as a substantial difference to what can be found and tried out in local stores.

In figures, the seat pan is made with a foam density of 30 kg/m³. It covers the needs of most users and it creates a comfortable space which is also large enough not to feel squeezed. There are those who argue that racing chairs are not made to be sat on for hours. But on the other hand, any other approach would defeat the purpose of these chairs as gaming requires hours of dedication. So even with this lower foam density, the Arozzi Enzo is still a capable chair to consider.

A rocking function to keep the Enzo fun

A more comfortable playing position often required players to lean back. As with most modern gaming chairs, the Enzo allows the user to recline back into a more suitable position to take some pressure off the spine. The main advantage of the Enzo is that it does not have thick side panels with their hugging design which can come with discomfort when leaning back.

However, there is another purpose to the recline function, which is often overlooked.

Of course, the extra motion offered by this function allows users to enjoy more freedom and extra energy. Sitting for hours is taxing on the body and it is actually as bad as standing for hours. This is why having a minimum level of activity can already prevent stiff joints and a lower energy level. But this recline function should not actually be confused with taking actual breaks and going away from the desk.

The recline function is also present in other Arozzi gaming chairs.

The Torretta, the Inizio, and the Verona Pro V2 come with such a relaxing system. It goes to show that the gaming world imagined by the manufacturer cannot be designed without a rocking function. The limits to which this can be used comfortable depends on the user. A locking function allows the backrest to be fixed once the desired recline angle has been reached.

Since the Arozzi Enzo is also made with a backrest of just 740mm, it means the chair also doesn’t need as much clearance in the back as many of its alternatives. So gamers considering the chair for tight spaces can find it particularly interesting. Furthermore, it can be one of the chairs which comes with a fast recline due to the shorter backrest, and maybe this is where its racing name is inspired from.

PU leather to make the Arozzi Enzo look apart

PU leather is used to cover the gaming chair. It’s no surprise Arozzi made this possible. In fact, the manufacturer is already one of the most important names in the industry, and the leather material is one of its staple characteristics.

PU leather is not too demanding. It can forgive an occasional water spill and it can also be easily cleaned. There are no deep creases to worry about which means the gaming chair can be cleaned properly to keep it fresh for years. But at the same time, the leather cover also gives the chair an attractive look. It might not be a premium look, but it is certainly aesthetics above the odd office chair alternative. Gamers can also value how good the leather looks in proven combinations of colors, such as red and black. Color options include:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Orange
  • Red
  • White

Most of the chair is actually black. The only parts which can be colored are the sides of the backrest and the sides of the seat pan. But for those looking to match the chair with their gaming desk, this can be enough.

Padded armrests to say goodbye to elbow pain

As far as the armrests go, users need to know that they can take a while to install. 4 screws are used to secure each armrest. But the good news is that once this is done, users can simply enjoy increased comfort. With a fully padded surface, the armrests are a much-needed upgrade for those coming from economic chairs with pure plastic armrests.

Of course, the armrests are not adjustable. This means that there can be a lot of work to get them to fit under the desk. But it also must be said that at this affordable price range, it is quite difficult to find fully adjustable armrests.

The hidden drawbacks of the Arozzi Enzo

Now let’s go to the dark side of the chair. Well, not exactly dark, let’s call it low light. There are not too many drawbacks considering the affordability of the Arozzi Enzo. It represents a design which is made for practicality. It does not represent a fashion statement. But its fashionable aesthetics are the smallest concern for gamers. It is its true support to the body which can be improved.

Not a full ergonomic design

Gamers always hear a lot about ergonomic designs. In reality, only the chairs which cost thousands of dollars can truly be called ergonomic and they might just be the only true options for good lumbar support. But this is not to say all other chairs are not good. It is just the fact that lumbar support is so different from person to person that limits what can be achieved with the chair with long hours of sitting.

If ergonomics can sometimes be translated as an anatomic design, the Enzo is striving towards such lines, but it is still far from its target. The seat pan is not uncomfortable. It will not impede the legs from moving freely without getting stiff. The backrest is not bad either. But this can also be a problem of perception.

Part of this problem is actually based on the different type of foam which is used on the seat pan and on the backrest. The seat pan has a denser foam, with its 30 kg/m³. The backrest comes with a lower density foam of 25 kg/m³. This is why the chair might not feel as balanced as other designs and why its ergonomic design might not be given justice. Of course, the difference is quite small. While most gamers may not even notice it, some of the taller and heavier users will be able to tell there’s a difference in the way these two main parts of the chair feel.

Lumbar support…ish

The Arozzi Enzo suffers a bit in the department of lumbar support. Yes, it comes with the typical curvature towards the lower part of the backrest, but it is far from perfect. Additional lumbar pillows are not included by Arozzi so users are mainly left with what can be seen in pictures, a quite basic lumbar support design.

So would adding a lumbar support pillow improve the Enzo’s upcoming version 2? It’s hard to say at the moment. But what can be done is for gamers to purchase their own lumbar support pillow and start experimenting with it. The pillow can actually prove to be an interesting addition for most users, even when there are not posture problems at all, which is rarely the case anyway.

Final considerations

Other benefits recognized by this Arozzi Enzo review is the chair’s stability. It seems the manufacturer designed the chair correctly. The 5 twin wheel casters play their role in this stability as well. They are suitable for any flat surface. Of course, they are not as recommended on hardwood floors.

The actual weight of the chair is impressive as well. At only 33lbs, it is one of the lightest options in its class. Moving it around the house is very easy as a result. Moving it from side to side when cleaning and vacuuming the gaming area does not require a lot of muscle strength. This is also why the chair can be one of the options women consider as a daily practical sitting choice.

But the Arozzi Enzo is best seen with all of these features together. None of its qualities really stands out. But it is how they are put together that matters the most. For many users, the chair allows a level of freedom and comfort which was not possible before. Since gamers’ hard-earned money might not go towards the premium designs from Arozzi, the Enzo is a truly low-cost alternative. It still offers enough comfort so that it feels like a racing chair. But it doesn’t offer the expensive materials and adjustability levels which would simply put it out of reach for the average gamer. With a minimalistic profile and subtle color insertions, it can be one of the inspired first racing chairs gamers can dream of.


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