How Heavy Is A Computer Desk?

A computer desk weighs between 77lbs and 185lbs. A computer desk such as the DX Racer Gaming Desk has a 77.16lbs weight. A gaming desk such as the Arozzi Arena weighs 94.5lbs. The heaviest computer desks with a hutch can come with a weight of over 200lbs.

The average weight of a computer desk varies considerably. Not all computer desks are the same. Here are a few general guidelines.

  • An average standing desk weighs 104-109lbs
  • An average gaming desk weighs 100-150lbs
  • A basic computer desk with no drawers weighs 35-45lbs
  • A solid wood computer desk with a hutch and storage weighs between 160-240lbs

A computer desk has multiple parts which add up when it comes to the final weight. You might be looking for how heavy a computer desk is when purchasing one online or when hiring a moving company as weight is a crucial indicator of the final shipping charges. A new computer desk rarely arrives in a single box and at least the desktop will be in its box. Here’s an example of the weight of Uplift V2 Rubberwood Standing Desk.

  • Frame – 61lbs
  • Desktop (48X30”) – 48lbs
  • Desktop (60X30”) – 57lbs
  • Desktop (72X30”) – 69lbs
  • Desktop (80X30”) – 77lbs

The smallest version of the Uplift computer desk is 109lbs. But other computer desks can come with considerably different weights. Here’s a table to help you compare and know what to expect with your average computer desk.

Desk Weight Picture
Uplift V2 Rubberwood Standing Desk 109lbs (49kg)
Ikea Bekant (63×43 ¼”) 79lbs (35kg)
DXRacer Gaming Desktop Office Desk 77.16lbs (34kg)
Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk 104lbs (47kg)
Need Computer Desk (120X160cm) 38lbs (38kg)
Autonomous SmartDesk Business Edition 104lbs (47kg)
Pinellas Collection Computer Desk With Hutch and Storage 185lbs (83kg)

*these computer desks are available in various other size and weight can vary accordingly.


Why is the computer desk weight important?

The heavier a computer desk is, the more you’ll need to pay moving companies whenever you change homes. Some companies which don’t offer free shipping on new computer desks will also charge more for the heavier desk. A standing desk will be considerably cheaper to transport compared to a wooden computer desk with a hutch.

Apart from the cost aspect, many people want to know if they can handle the weight of the computer desk themselves. Since most modern computer desks are shipped in boxes, their weight is manageable with no help. The maximum weight of such a box lifted with no help should not be higher than 44lbs for safety reasons.

How much weight can a desk hold?

The weight of the desk can influence the weight it can hold. However, not all heavy desks are made to handle large loads, especially if made from materials which can bend or break easily. Here are a few points on the weight a computer desk can hold.

  • The Uplift V2 Ruberwood standing desk can hold weights of up to 355lbs
  • Ikea’s Bekant can hold weights of up to 220lbs
  • The DX Racer Gaming Desktop Office Desk holds weights of up to 83lbs
  • Arozzi’s Arena gaming desk holds weights of up to 176lbs
  • The Need Computer Desk handles maximum loads of 881lbs
  • Autonomous’ SmartDesk Business Edition standing desk holds weights of up to 300lbs
  • Pinellas’ Collection Computer Desk with Hutch and Storage holds weights of up to 70lbs

Maybe not surprisingly, the robust Need Computer Desk has the highest weight capacity of them all, perfect for all types of heavy loads.

Is there a standard desk weight?

There’s no standard desk weight at the moment, even within certain categories. As seen above, all computer desks come with various weights. Standing desks can handle more weight but this weight needs to be evenly distributed for stability purposes. Gaming desks have a similar weight capacity. Classic computer desks with a hutch need to be protected from the heaviest loads. It is the desks which are shaped like a table and which have straight metal feet which are still the most supportive, as seen above with the Need desk.

How much will movers charge me for transporting the desk?

Moving companies can charge a flat rate per hour. It ranges from $150 to $250 in most states. Furthermore, let’s see a comparison chart of how much shipping companies would charge to send the Need Computer Desk from one state to another.

  • FedEx – $45
  • UPS – $47
  • USPS – $48.25

*These prices are informative and they can change according to shipping box dimensions and traveling distance.

Is there a standard desk height?

An average standing desk height varies from 28” to 47”. The fixed height of the Need Desk is 28.7”, very similar to what is currently offered as a minimum height for adjustable standing desks.

How much does an office chair weigh?

A standard office chair with a headrest and a footrest weighs around 45lbs. An office chair with no armrests such as the Autonomous AvoChair weighs 44lbs.

If you are planning to pay for shipping, it is advisable to use online calculators when sending your computer desk away. Those moving homes are certainly better off hiring a moving company paid by the hour as it can be useful to transport multiple other office products.

Computer desks can also be shipped piece by piece. The frame can be sent out in a box and the desktop sent out in another box. All other accessories such as shelves can also be broken down and sent out in boxes, similar to what Ikea does with its products. Some of the computer desks which prove to be the hardest to transport are classic solid wood hutch computer desks.

Before preparing to call a parcel company, you can also estimate the cost of your shipping with an operator online. The final size and weight of each pack will be needed for a quote. Those ordering new computer desks also have the freedom to choose a company which offers a free shipping policy, especially when shopping on a budget.


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