11 Gaming Desk Setup Hacks – Clean It, Organize It And Style It

Gaming desk setup hacks include practical advice and gear advice. Dusting or using a headphone hanger as the Elevation Lab The Anchor can make the setup classier. Gaming desk hacks also include pointers on creating a more appealing gaming room in general.

Some of the best gaming desk setup hacks can only be truly understood with experience while playing for years. Each gamer has a set of personal preferences when it comes to gaming needs. But the following tips and tricks can be applied by most users.

  • Clean regularly with a microfiber cloth
  • Use cord hangers for a clean desk look
  • Use Headphone hangers
  • Rely on multipurpose cable clips
  • Install a desk hammock for the feet
  • Buy a keyboard dust brush
  • Hit garage sales
  • Use staple guns for cable management https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IFuCGaQETy8
  • Add a framed poster to the wall
  • Add a plant to the desk setup
  • Choose a general color theme


  1. Clean regularly with a microfiber cloth

Using a microfiber cloth is friendlier to the desk and the monitor. A clean desk is always recommended for a neat design. The good news is cloth is cheap to purchase and some extra water or cleaning solutions can help as well.

  1. Use cord hangers

Cord hangers or clips is crucial in the age of tech and gadgets. It might not be easy to find the best product from the start. Blue Key World has a viable solution with its cable clips cord organizers. The plastic clips can be installed anywhere on the top, on the side or under the gaming desk. It keeps cables from tangling and it keeps everything in place.

  1. Headphone hangers

Headphone hangers are growing in popularity. Expensive headphones are simply not laying around without purpose. The Anchor from Evolution Lab is a great example. It keeps headphones in easy reach while also freeing up some space on the desk itself. It can be installed anywhere on the gaming desk.

  1. Multipurpose cable clips

A gaming desk setup cannot be completed without multipurpose cable clips. Those made by RayTour only cost $7.99 and they can hold multiple cables together. Cabling from the keyboard, mouse, printer and the monitor can stay together, perfect for an aesthetic gaming desk setup look.

  1. Desk hammock for the feet

A cool hack which immediately improves comfort at the gaming desk is installing a hammock for the feet. Not many gamers know about these products but they are really what they sound like. A miniature hammock can be a good solution to relieving some of the pressure on the lower back.

The Maddot Mini Office Foot Rest only costs around $10 and it is installed directly under the gaming desk. This colorful solution can improve blood flow, reduce back pain or fight swollen feet. It also looks fun to use. Or you could simply consider any other feet elevating solution.

  1. Keyboard dust brush

The keyboard is a gamer’s best friend. But it also attracts dust particles and even food. All keyboards need to be cleaned weekly to keep them shiny and free of bacteria. A dust brush can be a good start towards a cleaner keyboard.

Pen-shaped keyboard brushers are a great choice due to their compact design. With retractable bristles, they can stay clear of dust particles themselves and they can also be easier to clean. The price of such a small brush? Anywhere between $5 and $10.

  1. Hitting garage sales

A gaming desk setup hacks not many are willing to pursue is hitting garage sales. It is here that many great decorative vintage objects can be found. With a bit of cleaning, they can be used as display items on the desk or the shelves around the gaming desk. Product examples include the following.

  • Old Polaroid cameras
  • Old SLR cameras
  • Typewriters
  • Old landline phones
  1. Use staple guns for cable management

Staple guns can be used to organize cables underneath the gaming desk. Without spending too much money, this hack is a true solution to keep the setup neat.

The way to follow this hack is to shoot a staple underneath the desk. Using a flathead screwdriver, you can then pull it out a little bit, just enough to allow cables to pass through. Zip ties can also be inserted through the staple to hold thicker cables in place.

  1. Add a framed poster to the wall

Another good hack to consider is adding a framed poster on the wall. This touch of class can showcase personal style and hobbies. It is also one of the inexpensive methods of creating a personal gaming environment. Redbubble can be a great start to find the quirkiest artwork.

  1. Add a plant to the desk setup

Succulents are a hit today. The might not need too much care and they can elevate the look of any gaming desk. Adding a plant to the setup is going to change the way it is perceived. Apart from this benefit, plants can also bring the setup to life a bit, especially with all the tech accessories laying around.

  1. Choose a general color theme

Any gaming setup can look better with LED lights. However, having different colors laying around the desk, underneath it or on top of the monitor might not be the best solution. This is why a single color can go further and elevate the aesthetics of the gaming desk setup. KontrolFreek can be a good source of USB LED lights which even offers customizable strips.


Following these gaming desk setup hacks is not expensive. Many of the hacks are applicable today. However, some other hacks might require a bit of planning. For example, a gaming setup color profile with LED lights should be chosen according to the furniture or room it matches. White lights on a white wall will not go too far in terms of impressive friends. However, contrasting colors can go further. The same principles apply with other decorative ideas such as plants and posters.

What are your gaming desk setup hacks? Did it take long to implement all of them? Let us know below.

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