How Much Is Used Office Furniture Worth – Learn To Sell it For More Cash

Used office furniture is worth 50%-60% of its purchase value with models still in production. A new Ikea Bekant desk is priced at $149 and it can be sold for $80-$100 used. A new Varidesk Pro Plus 48 standing desk is priced at $495 at it can be sold as used anywhere between $275 and $325.

In official terms, office furniture has a 14% depreciation rate per year. This is why a 2-year old Ikea Bekant desk should be sold for 107.28. However, its prices can vary, according to the actual condition of the desk.

Office furniture which is no longer in production can be sold for an even higher price, but it needs to meet criteria such as top quality materials such as wood and a great condition. This article looks at various new and old office furniture pieces, how they sell and how much they should sell for.

How much to sell office furniture for?

Calculating a reasonable sale price for office furniture is not complicated. All sellers should have a few figures on paper before placing their furniture on sale. Office furniture should also be sold by subtracting 14% of its purchase value every year.

How do you price used furniture for resale?

The purchase price is where the calculus starts. All sellers need to reference the used furniture sale with this price. Let’s see an example below.

A company purchases one computer desk for $300. After 4 years, the company decides to upgrade the computer desk and to maximize their profits on their outgoing desk. Based on a simple calculation, 4 years of using X 14% in depreciation equals to a total of 56% deduction from the initial purchase price. The final sale price is going to deduct 56% out of $300. As a result, the sale price is $132. Let’s see a few

Product Price as new How much the used office furniture is worth Resale price on the web
Ikea Bekant desk $149 $107 – used for 2 years $80-$100 on Craigslist
Varidesk ProPlus 48 standing desk  


$357 –  used for 2 years $275-$325 on Craigslist
Herman Miller Aeron office chair $1.275 $561 – used for 4 years $250-$425 on Ebay
Cherry Brown Vintage Office Wooden Desk $289 $208 – used for 2 years $169 on Craigslist

When can I expect maximum profits?

The best sell price might be difficult to attain, especially since shoppers look around for prices and the better the state of the furniture, the more difficult it is to let it go for a low price. However, some sellers might be looking to maximize profits on their office furniture in a few years, this is what they need to do.

  • Keep the furniture in good condition
  • Desks should not have cracked tops
  • Office desks should not have wobbly legs
  • All furniture should be as clean as possible
  • Office chairs should have functioning pistons

Tips on buying office furniture to sell for maximum profits when used

When buying new office furniture, it can be a good idea to look at the best tips for maximum resell value. Here’s what to consider.

  • Furniture which is not made from particleboards
  • Plywood furniture sells better
  • Ensure all joints are strong and they stay strong
  • Keep the upholstery clean and fresh
  • Clean the furniture again before taking pictures for sale ads
  • Use clear measurements in ads (height, width, depth, etc.)
  • Consider possible negotiations
  • Includes shipping in the price and adjust it accordingly
  • Consider adding the tracked shipping option
  • Look at how much another similar furniture is selling for

These tips apply to general office furniture which can be found at various retailers. Vintage office furniture should be seen by an expert to be price correctly according to its state, its

Where to sell your used office furniture?

Another important aspect in used office furniture worth is where it’s sold. This is why it’s crucial to sell it in the right location. Vintage furniture can be sold online on auction sites like eBay or even better, in dedicated vintage stores.  Here are the options to consider.


Many users sell their used office furniture on Craigslist. It is also one of the best places to find its actual worth as the office furniture is sold in mass on the website. However, the seller doesn’t have any type of protection on this website, there is no information on the buyer.


  • Great for finding office furniture worth
  • A large number of possible buyers
  • Quick access to the ad


  • No protection against untrustworthy buyers

Facebook marketplace

A local approach can involve selling on Facebook marketplace. It is one of the places where buyers can see the purchaser’s information as well. However, it might not be the best solution for privacy.


  • Allows sellers to see information on buyers
  • No fees at the moment
  • A large pool of potential buyers


  • Not specialized
  • Privacy concerns

Used and antique furniture stores

Used furniture stores are a great location to sell office furniture. Most sellers can find these places offer a slightly lower price but it could be worth taking the route for a fast sale.


  • Specialized buyers, great for rare items
  • Access to knowledgeable buyers
  • Fast sale


  • Possible lower sale price


The online platform allows a fixed priced or an auction method for selling office furniture. Rare items are worth putting through the auction system,


  • A large number of buyers
  • Suitable for rare furniture
  • Allows worth evaluation by comparison
  • Information on buyers


  • Based on sale fees

Final considerations

Establishing just how much office furniture is worth might not be complicated for newer products. It is only older and vintage office furniture which is harder to price. However, it is always recommended to asses each product on an individual level. Before setting the final sale price, it is best to look at what other similar office furniture goes for.

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