Top 5 Comfortable Office Chairs Amazon Sells Like Hot Cakes

The most comfortable office chairs Amazon sells are also some of the best in the world as they gather multiple brands under one shopping destination. Office chairs comfortable long-hour sitting needs can be chosen from the ranks of the regular non-ergonomic design.

Comfy chairs for desk work need to be ergonomic, supportive, and breathable. If you’re looking for comfort then you are the type of user who’s stuck at the desk for multiple hours each day. These are the chairs that stand out for such tasks the most.

Top 3 comfortable chairs for office use

Best overall comfort chair for office – Amazon Basics High Back Leather Chair

This is the most comfortable computer chair by classic standards.

Best breathable comfy office chair – Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair

The Aeron is the most comfortable office chair with enhancedair circulation.

Best comfortable desk chair with adjustable lumbar support – Hbada Office Chair

For a very low price, this Hbada most comfortable desk chair offers artistic-design lumbar adjustment.


1.     Amazon Basics High Back Leather Chair


Amazon has a line of products. Before you skip them, you should take a look at their popularity. Almost everybody is talking about how comfortable the high back leather chair is. This chair is among those that impress the most because they don’t have the research Herman Miller has as Amazon Basics makes all types of products.

The upholstered chair in black leather is what makes it comfortable. You can use it at the office or your office at home for long hours of sitting all day every day. Even its armrests are padded for comfort and its design is made to combine cushioning with leather for the ultimate sitting comfort.

What makes this office chair comfortable?

PVC and bonded black leather with cushioning are added to the seat pan. The same materials are used by Amazon Basics on the contoured backrest. The manufacturer calls it’s cushioning ‘subtle’ but it’s quite thick and this is why so many users feel like they could be sitting on it for long hours.

Office chair features

This chair is fully adjustable. It rotates 360 degrees as you’d expect. It also features height adjustability from 41 inches to 45 inches. This adjustability simply aims to align your body for proper posture. Late in this article, we’re going to see why the correct sitting position has so much implication in how comfortable we feel in your office chairs.

Chair strengths

  • The office chair is made for users up to 275lbs
  • Backed by a basic 1-year warranty
  • BIFMA-certified design

Chair drawbacks

  • The chair squeaks from the thick cushioning
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2.     Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair

There’s no introduction needed to the Herman Miller Aeron comfort office chair. It has been one of the brands known for its high impact on the overall sitting posture market and research. Almost everybody recognizes the brand as expensive but arguably the best for ergonomics and one of the best comfortable office chairs Amazon sells today.

You will find it highly adjustable, breathable, and durable. The sitting experience on this chair is rather different from what you might be used to. You will sit on a mesh-type seat pan that feels airy and not suffocating as a plus PU leather seat pan. The same applies to the high back chair backrest. The armrests are also dully adjustable.

What makes this office chair comfortable?

You might say all of these features and components are already seen on cheap office chairs. But this is a bit untrue. Take the tilt limited with seat angle adjustment as an example. This limiter is probably the smoothest on the market. Its smooth transitions support a top ergonomic experience as you transition from upright sitting to mid-recline or full recline.

Office chair features

With adjustable seat height from 16” to 20.5”, you get a very common yet comfortable sitting position. The armrests are also height adjustable so that your elbows don’t need to sit too low and cause neck pain or too high and cause upper back pain. They adjust from around 6” to around 10” above the seat pan. Comfort office chairs made by Herman Miller are known for their adjustability.

Chair strengths

  • Long 12-years warranty
  • The smooth qualitative tilt limiter
  • Sacral posture lumbar support using 2 flex pads

Chair drawbacks

  • Not the most affordable office comfort chair
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3.     Duramont Ergonomic Adjustable Office Chair

If you’re seeking office chair comfort but with enhanced airflow through the backrest and not the seat pan, Duramount’s solution is made for you. This might be the best office chair comfy sitting sees at an affordable price.

The quality of the components is up there with what you’d expect when moving up from the standard supermarket desk chair. It delivers good support. We know it handles all users of up to 136kg wonderfully.

The high backrest of this seat is another major advantage. You can put your shoulders back and chest high to remind yourself to correct your desk posture as needed. There’s a small headrest to rest your neck on which is also height adjustable.

What makes this office chair comfortable?

Apart from the adjustable padded armrests, users also appreciate the adjustable lumbar support. A lot of the weight on the lower back and some of the pressure on the spine can be reduced with ergonomic lumbar support and here, it comes with proper room for customization.

Office chair features

With a low 42 to a high 46” adjustability range, this chair is among the tallest in its class. It even measures 26” (a bit more than the average office chair width) from armrest to armrest making it one of the most powerful in its class when it comes to extra room for sitting. This extra space is also what makes it one of the most comfortable office chairs for the computer.

Chair strengths

  • Backed by a 90-day trial period
  • Adjustable headrest, armrests, seat pan, and lumbar support
  • Cool air circulation backrest design

Chair drawbacks

  • Lumbar support knob can’t be properly reached while sitting
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4.     Hbada Office Task Desk Chair

A comfortable office chair made by Hbada is not breaking news. Their Task chair comes with a comfortable cushion. It’s also one of the leading chairs for working from home as it comes with rounded edges even on the armrests so that it’s safe in environments with children.

What makes this office chair comfortable?

When you’re getting tired from all the work, you can simply recline to give your spine some rest and to readjust your posture. This chair reclines from 90 degrees to 120 degrees. But it also allows you to set your custom rocking style which means this rocking chair is the top choice for those who want to lay back from time to time.

Office chair features

With an included gas 3 SGS-certified cylinder, this comfortable office chair Amazon sells is among the most durable. It features mild shock absorption through nylon caster construction.

Chair strengths

  • S-shaped backrest
  • It uses comfortable high-density foam
  • Flip-up armrests

Chair drawbacks

  • Max 250lbs weight capacity
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5.     Hbada Office Chair

This rocking chair comes with an adjustable lumbar support section. It adjusts up or down depending on where you need the most support. Most users recommend trying out a few different heights for one or more hours to see how you feel with these.

What makes this office chair comfortable?

Some of the most comfortable office chairs are made by Hbada. This particular model comes with a rocking chair design and adjustable lumbar support. The fold-up arms are essential when it comes to quickly get out of the chair as well. The thick padding on the seat pan also makes it a comfortable chair for office work.

Office chair features

With 250lbs maximum weight support (with an important role in effective chair comfort) and some of the best flip-up arms you can see, the chair is a no-brainer if you don’t have too much money to spend. You may even end up playing with the lumbar support adjustment every day just as a way to relax and to have fun while taking a break from the office work.

Chair strengths

  • Responsive flip-up arms
  • Lumbar support adjusts easily using 2 fingers
  • Rocking style backrest

Chair drawbacks

  • Deep seat pan
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The best comfortable office chair final thoughts

A comfortable computer chair needs to stand out in terms of ergonomics (which takes care of posture) and in terms of coziness. You’ve seen above how comfy chairs for desk work use different approaches to tick these 2 major boxes of the category as comfort and ergonomics can’t be separated.

Desk chair comfort isn’t just ensured by a foot of foam. It’s more about how these materials work together for the right support in key areas. It’s been proven that sitting isn’t healthy or long hours of sitting aren’t best for a healthy body. But the minimum effort you can put into this task is to consider an office chair comfortable sitting needs from one of those proven above.

A comfortable desk chair always starts from ergonomics so you shouldn’t sacrifice a custom and proper sitting posture for the plus feeling you get from thick sponge padding. Some of the most comfortable computer chairs come with no foam at all. An office chair comfy sitting requires often has the right balance of cushioning, breathable materials, and lumbar support. You should never compromise on any of these if you need to work long hours.


Why are office chairs so uncomfortable?

Chairs are uncomfortable due to not ticking 2 main requirements of ergonomic posture support and of cushioning.

What are the most comfortable office chairs?

Amazon Basics High Back Leather Chair, Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair, and Hbada Office Chair are the most comfortable office chairs. They offer ergonomic sitting and just the right plush cushioning.

Why are good office chairs so expensive?

Office chairs are expensive to research when it comes to proper posture. Parts such as a Class 3 or Class 4 SGS gas lift or high-density memory foam are more expensive than an entry-level gas lift and the typical sponge used for cushioning on cheap office chairs.