How Wide Is An Office Chair?

There is no standard width for an office chair. Wideness varies from 17” (43cm) to 28” (71cm). Some office chairs are widest on the backrest while others on the seatpan. The Steelcase Series 1 office chair has a 19” wide seat. Ikea’s Järvfjället is widest in its backrest which measures 26.7”.

Before asking just how wide an office chair is, all users need to know that these numbers mean nothing without having to compare them against. Office chairs are made for various user height and it is the main reason why some larger than others.

Office chairs have irregular widths. Some designs have wide seatpans while others are wider at the backrest. This is why it’s hard to come up with a single number for an office chair. For this article, the widest area of an office chair is the one accepted as statutory. The following table compares a few poplar office chair widths.

Office chair Width
Ikea Järvfjället 26.7” (68cm)
Autonomous ErgoChair 2 21” (53cm)
Herman Miller C Aeron* 28”(72cm)
Steelcase Series 1 19 (48.2cm)
HÅG Capisco Chair 23.5” (59.6cm)

*some office chair dimensions can vary due to customization options.


How much space do you need for a desk chair?

Width in itself cannot dictate the space needed for a desk chair. The depth and height of the office chair is important to take into account as well. Considering user size, this space can increase as well. Those who’ve normally asked this question need to work in very tight places. However, an office chair is not the best solution in this situation.

The Varier Move Tilting Saddle Stool is a better alternative for tight spaces and standing desks. It has the comfort and versatility needed for many types of work needs. However, it is mainly suitable for high desks.

The AmazonBasics Adjustable Activity Stool is a better solution for fixed computer desks. Its low height is still adjustable between 18.5” and 28”. However, this compact option needs minimum space and it allows an office desk and chair to be installed in areas where others would simply not fit.

Is a gaming chair wider?

Gaming chairs can have the same width as an office chair. But they can also be wider. Since there’s extra cushioning on a gaming chair, then the maximum width can be higher and as a result, the chairs would need more space in front of a desk.

A gaming chair is not known for being compact. This is why all the office chairs which are used by professionals and which need to fit certain tight spaces need to be more lightweight. At the extreme ends of the spectrum, users find the lightweight stool on one side and the extra-cushioned gaming chair at the opposite side.

Is the seatpan wider than the backrest?

The seatpan can be wider than the backrest. This is the case with office chairs such as the Steelcase 1 series. Many can believe that a wider seatpan automatically comes with extra stability. This is far from the truth. However, a wide backrest can come with extra support, particularly useful for those who sit all day.

The backrest can also come with different widths. For example, Steelcase’s Series 1 has a backrest which is wider at the base and which narrows towards the top. The ergonomic aspect of this design allows for better lumbar support.

How wide is an office chair lumbar support pillow?

The lumbar support of an office chair is narrower than the backrest, even when purchased separately. For example, the popular Everlasting Comfort Pure Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion has a length of just over 13”. This means it’s still narrower than most backrests.

Similar principles apply to the headrest of an office chair which is still not as wide as the backrest. Furthermore, many chairs also support third-party headrests if users have the space for them,

How can I make my office chair taller?

With is not the only measurement users take into account. The height of an office chair plays its role in overall comfort levels as well. The simplest method of making an office chair taller is adding casters to design without them.

Adding extra cushions on the chair can also raise the user higher. Office chair raisers can be added by those who prefer DIY methods. They come in the shape of wooden blocks and are available from $10 to $19.

How wide is an office chair for kids?

Office chairs for kids can be as wide as those for adults, but most of them are narrower. For example, the comfortable Btexpert Swivel kids office chair has a width of 17.5”. Since similar office chairs are used on computer desks for kids, their size is also congruent with the entire office setup.

Is the office chair wide-enough for me?

Those wondering about the width of an office chair should know that the widest office chairs are suitable for multiple users or the most support. Ergonomic designs which come with a hugging feel can also be a bit wider but most importantly, the can feel wider due to their added comfort even if they are not the widest.

Most office chairs are made to support the entire back of the user. Others are only supporting the area of the spine. Bodybuilders are notorious for needed wider office chairs and this is why they are always inclined to purchase the widest design available.

How wide are desks?

The width of an office chair is in close relation with the width of an office desk. This is why it can be interesting to compare the size of an office chair with the size of a desk, especially for those who are just creating a new office.

The Autonomous SmartDesk 2 has a length of 52” and a width of 29” compared to the 21” width of the ErgoChair office chair. It is clear that the wider the office chair is, the more out of place it looks with smaller desks.

What size is an office chair?

The size of an office chair varies as well. It is typically regarded as the height when people refer to its size. The Herman Miller Aeron C office chair has a size of 1150mm. It is one of the tallest in its class.

Is a wide office chair good for a short desk?

A wide office chair is still good for a short desk. As with all short desks, users should ensure their fit are actually below the desk comfortably and the height adjustability of the office chair is responsible for this. Those who specifically need an office chair for short desks might be well-off with a fixed office chair with no height adjustability, as they are known to be shorter.


When it comes to just how wide an office chair is, there are so many designs to consider that the figures will look very different from case to case. However, there are not many office chairs which are capable of being used in tight areas such as corners.

Using a wide office chair in corners is seriously limited according to its width. This is why turning left and right is restricted in this case. The added length of the armrests can restrict this movement even more.

Do you have a corner office and do you work in the corner? How do you manage to maximize space with your office chair? Let us know below.

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