Arozzi Vernazza Gaming Chair Review: Premium Ergonomics for Thick Wallets

There are not many designs as robust as the Arozzi Vernazza gaming chair. With a truly large profile, the gaming chair can be one of the few options heavy users have. Including some of the best features Arozzi can make, the Vernazza is packed with features. Even with its Mediterranean-sounding name, the gaming chair is mostly a robust design.


But there already is an extra-large design with the Torretta XL. By its standards, the Vernazza can be the XXL choice. Gamers can consider it for a higher weight capacity and foam cushioning made for the ultimate resistance. Since its cushioning foam density is so robust, the chair is easily among the durable options in its class. Its foam will not shortly flatten as seen on many other chairs.


Arozzi Vernazza gaming chair review – the true Arozzi XL experience

The Vernazza also features an ergonomic design which makes it a comfortable design and a posture-improving design. It may be one of the few options truly tall gamers have to lean their backs against a full-length backrest. All other popular Arozzi features such as the rocking function are included as well.

Reasons to buy the Arozzi Vernazza gaming chair

  • Most robust Arozzi design with a weight capacity of 320lbs (145kg)
  • Distinct racing chair ergonomic design
  • Comfortable with one of the top dense foam cushioning
  • Very tall backrest with its 860mm
  • Wide 440mm seat pan suitable for large gamers
  • Included specific lumbar and head support pillows
  • Made with a gas spring for smooth height adjustments
  • Based on oversized casters for proper stability
  • Sustained with 3-directional armrests
  • Covered in high friction resistant PU leather
  • Includes a fun rocking function
  • Installs in minutes (similarly to the Arozzi Mezzo and the Arozzi Verona)
  • Available in bright colors

Reasons not to buy the Arozzi Vernazza gaming chair

  • Heavy for most gamers with its 57lbs
  • Not available in textile fabrics

The Arozzi Vernazza gaming chair strengths

As a top-class chair, the Vernazza has a lot to offer. The chair is also one of the more expensive options from the manufacturer, costing nearly twice as much as the Enzo. It would not be fair to say that it’s twice as better than Arozzi’s cheapest gaming chair. However, the characteristics of the Vernazza allow it to be a distinct chair in a leading segment of racing chairs.

Ergonomics, support and foam cushioning to remember

The ergonomics of the chair is why users actually have to pay more. It is part of its design as it is the materials and the adjustability options which give it a premium look. For most gamers, its ergonomics can be translated into higher comfort, better posture, increased energy at the end of the day and even reduced discomfort such as wrist pain due to its adjustability options.

As all Arozzi chairs, the Vernazza uses a high-density foam which is suitable for this level of pampering. But the foam is distinctly different. It comes with 70 kg/m³ density on the seat pan and 65 kg/m³ density on the backrest. Even if there is a difference between the two, the simple fact that such dense foam has been used is a clear signal the Vernazza is made for the tall and heavy gamer.

A couple of accessories play their part in ergonomics as well. The already traditional Arozzi lumbar support pillow is added to the pack. Its wide profile is suitable for taller and heavier users. With a supportive role, it cannot actually replace the ergonomics of the chair. It is rather used as a supplement to supplement the support of the chair. Some users are even bothered by it and remove it when sitting. A headrest pillow has been added to the pack as well. It is most suitable to be placed on top of the existing backrest to improve comfort. However, as with the lumbar pillow, the headrest pillow needs to be used correctly, otherwise, it would just play its role in poor posture while gaming.

The added hugging design of the gaming chair is interesting as well. It provides a comfortable seating experience and one of the simplest and most efficient solutions for an immersive gaming experience. A number of users have found these racing chairs to be particularly interesting for racing simulators. Of course, they are actually suitable for all types of gamers.

Hello 3D armrests – ultimate adjustability

If most armrests form Arozzi have limited adjustability options, a few of the top designs are truly made to stand out. For this reason, they are among the most durable and the most customizable armrests gamers can rely on. So how are they adjusted? There is a release button on the side of the armrests which allows them to be adjusted vertically. But the armrests also slide towards the front and towards the back of the chair, which offers support exactly where it’s needed. Side adjustability is supported as well and as a result, the armrests are indeed capable to offer a distinct playing experience.

Those who have used adjustable armrests know there’s a catch in many cases. The armrests are among the first elements of the chair to give out. This is why they can be seen as the first to go on the Vernazza as well. The chair is covered by a 2-year warranty. But users are still advised to only use the chair in the indicated parameters of maximum weight, especially when leaning on the armrests.

High weight capacity – strength over everything else

The maximum weight supported by the chair is 320lbs. Unless users are very tall, they would need to be overweight to come close to this weight limit. Finally, a chair which can support all users, regardless of their weight.

If there are more gamers in the house, which can be the case in dorms or in public spaces, they can also consider such a high weight capacity chair to accommodate all users. Even more, the chair is capable to offer the same level of freedom of adjustability and responsiveness as its lower weight alternatives. Just because the chair is heavier doesn’t mean that its vertical adjustment is more complicated or that its recline function is heavy.

All adjustability options

Seen as one of the heavy duty gaming chairs, the Vernazza also allows its users to rest. One of the functions for this purpose is the recline of the backrest. It goes way back to allow gamers to put their shoulders back and sit in a position where most of the weight on the spine is actually transferred to the chair itself.

The gas lifting system works well also. Finding the right height is crucial. It is believed that the gaming monitor needs to be at the same level as the eyes in order to maintain good posture. Aligning in position is mainly a problem of finding the right chair height first.

Other options include, of course, armrest adjustability as seen above. But the rocking function can be interesting as well. This mammoth chair can actually rock an offer users a more distinct actionable method of sitting.

All customization options

Covered in PU leather entirely, the gaming chair is a true solution for added durability. The last thing gamers need to do is to replace the chair anytime soon due to wear. This is why it is one of the most robust options even with its cover.

But if the standard black and red color of the gaming chair is too generic, users can also choose other combinations. Black remains the base color but other colors can be added as well. The options include the following.

  • Black-red
  • Black-green
  • Black-blue
  • Black-orange
  • Black-red
  • Black-white

These colors can bring the Vernazza gaming chair to life. Those with an eye for detail will also notice that the color of the Arozzi logo can be changed as well. Unlike most logos which actually remain the same, the chair offers theses extra touches for a most distinct gaming experience.

A few Arozzi Vernazza weaknesses

A heavy gaming chair is always going to be received with mix opinions. Some gamers love it while others are less impressed by its capacity. But what is sure is that the Vernazza can be improved in the future, if there is a second version coming.

Heavy chair puts muscles to the test

The biggest issue gamers have is with the weight of the chair. At 57lbs, the gaming chair is one of the heaviest in the racing chair class. This is why it can’t really be the chair to slide on from one side of the room to another with little effort. It is also a chair which may need a pair of extra hands during the installation process.

But the extra weight is actually given by the larger profile of the chair. With a steel frame and a heavy dense thick foam cushioning, the chair has a weight which has its role as well. Smaller gamers who are also considering such a large design due to the extra supportive cushioning might need a bit more effort to handle the chair.

PU leather… only

The obsession Arozzi has with PU leather continues on the Vernazza. Of course, there are other textile alternatives from the manufacturer. But for the money, the chair should actually come with a range of options gamers can choose from. How great would the Vernazza be if gamers could choose between a PU leather option and a textile fabric option? This should be up to gamers to decide, at least at this level of quality. Of course, there are signals to believe this is going to happen as Arozzi is still a relatively new name on the block. Take Secretlab for example. They’ve managed to implement such a choice.

But PU leather also has its own distinct advantages. These have already been pointed out in other Arozzi gaming chair reviews here. But most importantly, PU is not pretentious. It does not lose its color as soon as the sun’s rays hit it. It doesn’t immediately shrink when soda has been accidentally spilled on it. The material also doesn’t crease as much as others from hours of sitting. So while it would be nice to see alternatives for the cover material, it is still a popular choice for a reason, it works.


The Arozzi Vernazza gaming chair offers one of the distinct advantages for users looking to improve their support. Why break entry-level chairs when there’s a robust version on offer? From a financial perspective, it might actually prove cost-efficient over time. Just imagine how many office chairs need to be replaced on a constant basis due to their lower performance and because they actually break. This should not be the case with the Vernazza as the gaming chair should last for years.

So is the most expensive Arozzi chair worth it? Gamers who have the budget can definitely see the chair as an improvement for their daily comfort. Even upgrading from other racing chair is still worth it. However, those who could expand their budget to afford the chair and who are not sure about the purchase need to think about what it really gets them. If the extra premium foam is something they crave, there might not be any other option to consider. The Torretta XL can be a more affordable alternative if these gamers don’t really need the best cushioning of the moment.

However, as with all luxury and premium products, it is not as much about the list of features as it is about the statement. Does the latest Mercedes need all of its bells and whistles? Probably not. Do customers buy it specifically for those bells and whistles? Probably yes.

This is applicable to the Arozzi Vernazza gaming chair as well. Regardless of its price, there will always be gamers looking for the best equipment, the best desk, and the best gaming chair. Will these be gamers be disappointed? Probably not, especially since the chair is actually made to be used every day, unlike some Mercedes cars which are only driven on special occasions.   

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