Arozzi Gaming Chair Review – Gaming in Style and Comfort

Arozzi gaming chairs are reviewed increasingly over the past few years. The company is now known for its gaming chairs made with a racing profile. Made to cover all budgets, these chairs not only look impressive but they actually are very comfortable. Their ergonomics is at a good standard by today’s requirements. But the Arozzi experience can be different from chair to chair. The good news is that users of all heights can find a suitable chair for their daily gaming needs in the manufacturer’s lineup of 15 gaming chairs.



Arozzi gaming chair review: How good are Arozzi gaming chairs? Are they affordable?

Arozzi chairs are actually made to cater to different categories of gamers. From the affordable Enzo to the feature-packed Vernazza, the manufacturer is known for its large selection of chairs. Other entry-level options include the Arozzi Monza or the Arozzi Verona Junior, which is made for kids. Arozzi Verona is also available at different prices and with different weight capacities as well as with different foam density figures.

What materials does Arozzi use on its gaming chairs?

Arozzi gaming chairs are normally made with similar materials even if they can differ to a small degree from design to design. Arozzi generally keeps designs simple and does not offer a very wide range of materials to choose from such as other gaming chair manufacturers.

PU leather

PU leather is widely used on most Arozzi gaming chairs. Reviews show that this material impresses users of other brands as well, not just those of Arozzi. Comfortably installed as the most popular cover material for gaming chairs, the leather looks elegant and it has a functional profile as well.

Made to resist daily use, PU leather is also easy to clean. It will not take too long for Arozzi gamers to actually clean their gaming chairs. Furthermore, most gamers are going to be able to use these chairs for years to come. There are a few conditions for PU leather to last though. One of the conditions is to respect the weight limit of each chair. Since each Arozzi gaming chair has its own maximum weight limit, it is recommended to simply choose a suitable option. Going over this weight limit can damage the structure of the chair but it can also rip the stitching and the leather cover of the chairs.

Textile fabrics

Textile fabrics are seen sporadically in the Arozzi lineup. Both the Torretta and the Torretta XL feature such fabrics. Even if they are partly present (the backside is covered with PU leather) these chairs offer a breathable alternative to some of the leading chairs in the textile fabric segment.

They are not any less durable than the PU leather chairs. Of course, they would need a bit of extra care as stains can easily show on these materials. But for some users, they can be the only option to consider, especially when trying to keep the body’s temperature down during the hot summer months.

High-density foam

The high-density foam used in the cushioning of the Arozzi gaming chairs is one of the aces in the sleeve of the manufacturer. Representing different levels of density, the foam is mainly suitable for those seeking improved comfort and it is now a staple of racing chairs which are made with ergonomic designs. So which types of foam do Arozzi actually use?

  • 25 kg/m³
  • 30 kg/m³
  • 35 kg/m³
  • 40-45 kg/m³
  • 46 kg/m³
  • 50 kg/m³
  • 55-65 kg/m³
  • 65 kg/m³
  • 70 kg/m³

The high-density foam is measured according to the pressures it can handle. As seen above, Arozzi uses a wide number of foam choices. The higher the number, the more weight the foam can handle and the more support it can offer.

Can I customize an Arozzi gaming chair?

Arozzi offers limited customization options. This is mainly due to the fact that the designs of the chairs are very specific and unlike other brands, there is no choice of materials. The only customization options gamers can hope for are actually the color schemes. It also must be said that not all chairs come in the same combination of colors. Most standard colors are a combination of black and red or Rossoneri, as the famous Milan sports team.

Does Arozzi sell spare parts?

Yes. Arozzi also offers spare parts for gamers. When chairs are out of warranty, they can still be used even parts of them are broken as most of them can be replaced.

What accessories can I use with Arozzi gaming chairs?

The gaming chairs can be used with a wide range of accessories. Arozzi offers gamers a selection of floormats and mousepads for its standing desk.

Which are the best Arozzi gaming chairs?

Finding the best Arozzi gaming chairs is not too difficult. Judging by the numbers of reviews, the following gaming chairs are always an inspired choice.

1.       Arozzi Enzo gaming chair

Weight capacity 190lbs | Net weight 33lbs | Foam density 25-30 kg/m³ | Backrest height 740mm | Seat pan width 530mm | Armrests length 375mm | Recline function Yes

With an affordable price, the Arozzi Enzo is an inspired choice to get into the Arozzi gaming chairs family. It represents a simple but efficient design for daily gaming purpose. It is also one of the few chairs which comes with an ergonomic design, even if it lacks the hugging cushioning which is so characteristics to most other Arozzi gaming chairs.

It must be said that even at a lower price, the Arozzi Enzo actually represents a chair which can keep up with its bigger brothers. Its ergonomics can be seen in the sitting position. With an ergonomic backrest lumbar design and with a rounded seat pan, users can still find that sink-in feeling so familiar in racing chairs.

Other Arozzi-specific functions such as the rocking function are still included. This allows the minimalistic chair to offer some level of activity for gamers who might be sitting for a few more hours playing their favorite games. Even at a lower price, the gaming chair still comes with customization options. It includes a few colors which bring the chair to life.

Most importantly, the Enzo can be the first chair to make gamers think about posture. This is why it has such a valuable profile. Many gamers are simply unaware of just how important posture is and how it affects their lives.

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2.       Arozzi Torretta XL gaming chair

Weight capacity 260lbs | Net weight 48.4lbs | Foam density 46 kg/m³ | Backrest height 840mm | Seat pan width 545mm | Armrests length 255mm | Recline function Yes

As one of the few Arozzi gaming chairs covered in textile fabrics, the Torretta XL has a special feel to it. Apart from being the first chair made for a higher weight capacity in the manufacturer’s line, it is also one of the real ergonomic choices users can consider when they are looking for a breathable design. At the same time, its backrest and seat pan comes with a more relaxed feel as they are quite large, as their name suggests. This could recommend the chair for those looking to maximize its recline function for relaxation purposes.

With adjustable armrests, the gaming chair is also one of the options suitable for gamers who might play with the keyboard on the desk on one day and with it on the keyboard tray on another day. Gamers have all the freedom they need to come up with the best options for their gaming space.

The foam density of the chair is already higher compared to the Enzo. This is why it can come with an extra degree of support. Mainly suitable for gaming, the chair’s profile can also see it as a valuable office chair as well. It has all the characteristics such as ergonomics, durability or adjustability needed for general office work as well.

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3.       Arozzi Verona Pro V2 gaming chair

Weight capacity 290lbs | Net weight 48.5lbs | Foam density 25-45 kg/m³ | Backrest height 820mm | Seat pan width 540mm | Armrests length 260mm | Recline function Yes

The Arozzi Verona Pro V2 could as well be the best release from the manufacturer. It generally impresses with its build quality and it includes all of the features which made Arozzi famous. Made with a distinct PU leather cover, the chair is ready to offer good general comfort which can be personalized with the help of its accessories.

Together with the ergonomic chair, users also get two support pillows. They are installed for lumbar support and for head support. Based on adjustable straps, the supportive pillows can actually be placed higher or lower, depending on the height of the user. This allows gamers to place an even higher focus on their posture in order to maximize the way they sit every day for most health benefits.

Verona Pro V2 also comes with the recline function. The backrest goes back allowing users to fully enjoy their day while playing their favorite game. Once the preferred incline angle has been found, gamers can also lock the backrest in position. This lets users sit back for a few minutes or even for longer without having to physically hold the backrest in place.

But the ergonomics of the chair can play an important role as well. Both the seat pan and the backrest are made with a hugging design, which naturally follows the contour of the body. Since the backrest is also one of the highest in Arozzi’s lineup, the gaming chair is also suitable for full support, even allowing the head to rest when needed.

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4.       Arozzi Vernazza gaming chair

Weight capacity 320lbs | Net weight 57lbs | Foam density 65-70 kg/m³ | Backrest height 860mm | Seat pan width 440mm | Armrests length 250mm | Recline function Yes

As one of the highest gaming chairs in the lineup, the gaming chair impresses with its overall functionality. It is mainly made for maximum support and comfort. But its bulky design is still functional. Practically, the gaming chair is made to be among the solution which offers most cushioning for heavy or tall users. This can also be seen with the impressive 860mm height of the backrest. Ensuring a high platform to support the back, the chair is a comfortable daily choice.

There are two large support pillows added to the chair as well. They can be used by gamers to improve their position according to their needs. Fixing a bad desk posture can take years. But the first steps can be taken with what the Vernazza gaming chair offers.

With the densest foam in the lineup, the Vernazza is also comfortable for long periods of time. Playing games for an entire day is easier as a result. However, even with such levels of comfort, gamers should still remember to take breaks as often as possible.

Another distinct characteristic of the Vernazza comes with its adjustable armrests. Practically, the armrests can be adjusted in all directions. The gaming chair easily adjusts the arms up and down, left and right or front and back. With such levels of adjustability, the chair can fit under any desk. Most importantly, the armrests allow for the hands to fall naturally on the desk.

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Arozzi gaming chair posture benefits

If the above gaming chairs are different, they all have one thing in common. The care for posture is impressive. Even if the ergonomic design is still not at the same level as those of the chairs which cost thousands, Arozzi gaming chairs are still some of the best at this moment.

Since they cover multiple budgets, the gaming chairs should basically be able to fit the needs of most gamers. A good starting point for Arozzi gaming chair review worthiness is to assess the personal weight and see which of these four chairs fits best. Another way of making a selection is by choosing between PU leather and breathable fabrics. Most importantly, the right choice is always the one which offers the most support for good posture, which can only be made according to the type of body, its weight, and its height.

All of these chairs are easy to install. They do not need any handyman being called-in to give a helping hand. One of the distinct Arozzi marks is just how explanatory its instructions manuals are for the gaming chairs. Simply following the illustrations of each gaming chair, gamers can be sitting comfortably within minutes.

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