Best 3 Monitor Computer Desks Compared – Triple Your Display Space

The best 3 monitor computer desk for sitting is the Bush Furniture Cabot. Tranzedesk is the best triple monitor computer desk if you like to stand while working.

You encounter the problem of space when you want to work with 3 monitors. Luckily, this article has already selected the most popular 3 monitor computer desks for you. Some are classic while others are height adjustable. All of them are compatible with triple monitor setups. Here are your best choices for such a complex workstation.

1.     Bush Furniture Cabot L-Shaped Computer Desk

Made with a premium wood finish, the Cabot L-Shaped 3 monitor desk from Bush Furniture is the first option for many people. It has generous space for 3 monitor desk setups and plenty of storage space for all of the computer accessories you’d possibly need.

Its generous size comes from its L design. It offers 60 inches to the left and 60 inches to the right is a generous design that’s made for people who need to work with multiple monitor desks such as gamers, editors, and other professionals.

Bush Furniture knows these classic computer desk designs need to be modern as well. This is why it integrates 4 USB charging ports as well. Perfect for your mobile devices, these ports are useful as you don’t need to worry about cables too much.

Drawers and storage space for typical A4 files are also included in this 3 monitor computer desk. You will store files, books, DVDs, gaming controllers, or laptops here without worrying about dust.


  • Ideal for 3 monitors
  • Available in espresso, dark oak, gray, and all-white finish
  • Made with a classy design


  • It uses particleboard instead of solid wood
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MOUNTUP Triple Monitor Stand Mount

Regardless of the 3 monitor computer desk you choose, a triple monitor stand such as the one from Mountup can help you stay organized. This stand mount is compatible with most 13” to 27” flat or even curved monitors and it comes with articulating arms so that you can position your screens at different heights.

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2.     Stand Steady 3 Monitor Tranzendesk

This manual adjustable height desk is one of the leading solutions for professionals and others who also want to stand while working (possibly on a standing desk balance board). As a manual crank desk, it’s made to last. There are no electronics to worry about so no matter how heavy your 3 monitors are, the Tranzendesk will adjust up or down easily.

As a dedicated computer desk for 3 monitors, it comes with a desk shelf for your triple display setup. It elevates the monitors further so that you always work in an ergonomic position without hunching over the keyboard.

The 2-level desk is ideal for those who generally work or play long hours. It won’t make a large difference to you if you only work at the computer for up to a couple of hours per day. But its elevated display rack makes it ideal for long hours of working.

We also appreciate the monitor shelf is removable. If for some reason, you choose a gas lift triple monitor stand in the future, you can simply remove the wooden hutch to clear its desktop.

Designed with rounded edges and a smooth finish, this desk is also very easy to clean. Wet wipes are OK on their surface as its generally made to last a bit more than other solid wood computer desks.


  • Designed with a clamp-on removable triple monitor computer desk shelf
  • A desk that goes up and down from 27.5” to 46”
  • Made with stable telescoping legs


  • Drawers for this desk are sold separately
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3.     Fezibo Adjustable Standing Desk

A similar desk for 3 monitors with drawers comes from Fezibo. You’d choose this design over the previously-mentioned Tranzendesk if you need electric height adjustability and drawers as standard. This desk comes with an electric motor with 4 height settings you can memorize instead of always looking for the perfect height when you decide to work while standing.

Made with a rustic-looking particleboard finish, the 3 monitor desk easily holds tie display setups. It also comes with 2-level designs which makes it one of the most interesting solutions for ergonomic position sitting or standing.

Its 55-inch desktop size is sufficiently accommodating for 3 monitors of different sizes, different heights, or even for a triple monitor stand with or without a C-clamp. Its main advantage is the smooth electric lift which offers you a desk that is a futureproof design.


  • It supports 3 monitors and other objects up to a combined weight of 175lbs
  • 30-day guarantee policy
  • Plenty of storage underneath the display shelf


  • It might take 2 people to assemble
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4.     Cubiker Modern L-Shaped Computer Office Desk

Simple triple monitor desks such as these made by Cubiker are an inexpensive option for almost any budget. Based on an efficient design, Cubiker offers one of the most practical options for users with multiple screens.

Its short side has a length of 47.3” and its long side has a length of 59”. You can arrange your displays in various combinations as a result. A display can go on a shorter side and the 2 other displays can go on the longer side. Alternatively, if your displays are under 20”, you can have all of them installed on the longer side with extra storage space on the short 47.3” side.

Made with metal legs, this is the type of desk that lasts. It even comes with a small shelf that can elevate either 1 of the monitors or a laptop. Ideal for corners, this desk is a top choice as value for money.


  • Available in 6 colors
  • Practical in corners
  • One of the cheapest 3 screen computer desks


  • It takes about an hour to assemble
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5.     Rolanstar Computer Desk With Power Outlet

The Rolanstar best desk for triple monitor setup can be installed anywhere. Made with a fixed height and a single-piece desktop, it easily turns into the complex workstation or gaming station you need at home or the office.

It has a desktop length of 55” which even makes it a few inches longer than its alternative desks for three monitors. Since it’s not an L-shape design, it also installs easily. You will have it assembled in about 20 minutes yourself.

However, the biggest advantage of this practical affordable computer desk is its built-in AC outlets and USB ports. There are 4 AC outlets to connects all of your 3 monitors plus your laptop or desktop computer. You also get to charge your phone at the built-in USB ports. This desk even comes with a 6.5-foot power cord so that you’re ready to go as soon as it’s assembled.


  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Designed with third-party testing CARB certification
  • Included power outlets


  • It needs better assembly instructions
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6.     Casittoma L-Shaped Gaming Desk

Casittoma’s gaming desk for 3 monitors is one of the best for large setups. It measures 51 inches to the left and 51 inches to the right, making it one of the most viable products in this class if you need the space.

This desk is ideal for corners. You can install it easily yourself. As it’s made for gaming, you would also need storage space for your computer, probably under the desk. But this triple monitor gaming desk comes with a sturdy X-style frame. This allows the manufacturer to sell it with a 30year warranty.

3 monitor gaming desks have something to learn from their practicality even with such a minimalistic design. The only accessory you get is a small shelf which you can place wherever you want on the best gaming desk for 3 monitors. This shelf can be used for speakers, laptops, and obviously for an elevated position display.


  • Practical design for gaming
  • Available on black, sandalwood, and white
  • Fast assembly design


  • Poor assembly manual
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7.     Fezibo L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk

This large computer desk for 3 monitors is one that intrigues me. Fezibo made it with a flappable desktop which means it works both for left-handed and right-handed users. Not many brands offer this option at the moment.

The computer desk for three monitors is made with an L-shape desktop which means it doesn’t suffer from storage space. It even comes with an electric desk that goes up and down motor so that you easily and quietly adjust its height.

As the best triple monitor desk title nominee, it impresses with its ergonomic. Your right or left hand can always rest on the desktop which is ideal ergonomics especially if you plan to use it for office work rather than for gaming.

This desk for three monitors only comes in black and white. There’s no natural wood desktop to choose from for it which is its biggest drawback. But if you’re a fan of a modern-looking desk for triple monitor setups, you won’t be disappointed especially since it’s 3 times cheaper than its competing desks.


  • Made with a modern design
  • Ideal for long hours of working
  • Designed with a reversible top panel


  • Only 2 colors to choose from
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8.     Vivo Electric Height Adjustable Desk

If you need room for a 4th monitor, this 4 monitor computer desk can be an option or a roomy triple monitor desk. Made with an L shape, it combines 2 desktops to offer a total weight capacity of 200lbs. If you need large monitors (27 inches to 25 inches display size) this tri monitor desk is going to be the most accommodating.

Vivo is one of the leading brands in computer desks that adjust by height, so the quality is there. What you will need to ensure is that you have the space for such a large tri monitor desk. It measures 67” to the sides from the corner, which means it’s probably longer than you expect.

As one of the best 3 monitor setup options, it also comes with other aces up its sleeves. For example, its considerable adjustment range makes it an excellent choice even for tall users. This tri monitor desk extends from 24.7” to 50.3”.


  • Great for active standing
  • It holds 3-4 large monitors
  • 200lbs weight capacity


  • It won’t fit in small bedrooms
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9.     Rocelco 46″ Large Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter

There are always very good alternatives in the office desks world if you know where to look. Let’s say you already have a beautiful computer table but you’d like to work while standing (with or without a standing desk chair) once in a while. This is where Rocelco’s desk converter comes in.

3 monitor setups are easily installed on this converter using a Rocelco triple monitor desk mount. It elevates and adjusts your 3 displays by angle superbly. You won’t find a better monitor stand for your displays at its low price.

Quick and easy to install as it ships pre-assembled, this triple monitor desk converter is ideal for all types of work. Since it even comes with a keyboard tray (here are the best ergonomic keyboard trays if you want to purchase them at a later date), it supports full ergonomics as your elbows sit at a 9-degree angle.

The desk for 3 monitors raises to a maximum height of 20 inches which makes it a good computer desk for almost any height. At its lowest height level, it still elevates your displays by 5 inches.


  • Pre-assembled computer desk for 3 monitors
  • Compact at a length of 45.7 inches
  • Included slide-out keyboard tray


  • Limited 45lbs weight capacity
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If you like this setup you can always match it with the Rocelco Vesa Triple Monitor Desk Mount. This articulated monitor mount is going to help you organize your monitors for work or playtime. It also comes with an included Grommet mount so that it installs with or without screws.

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How to choose a 3 monitor computer desk

When going for a 3 monitor desk, you need to know size and materials matter. All of the products above are rather affordable and you can’t expect solid wood at these prices. But you can still expect them to last.

  • Size

A 3 monitor computer desk needs a desktop that is at least 55 inches long. Most desks for 3 monitors have a length of around 55 inches since they need to accommodate 3 in-line displays. A desk under 50 inches is considered too small. This is why a desk big enough for 3 monitors always prioritizes space.

  • Materials

An affordable triple monitor desk is typically made from particleboard. These materials are available in various finishes from natural beige wood to fully colored desktops. Your three monitor desk needs to come with these types of woods as they’re lighter. A hardwood desktop that’s around 55 inches with 4 monitors would already be too heavy to easily move around yourself.

  • Design

The design of the three monitor desk is also important. It represents one of the most important aspects both for work and for gaming. A 3monitor desk needs to look good as most look cluttered. If you can prioritize cable management solutions, you will gain in aesthetics.

A triple monitor desk setup might also need a bit of storage space. If this is your case, make sure to check which of these desks comes with extra shelves and drawers, as they could help you save money instead of buying additional pieces of office furniture for storage.


What size desk do I need for 3 monitors?

3 typical monitors of 22 inches require a desk of around 50 inches in length. If your monitors are 27 inches, you should go for a larger 55-inch computer desk. If your monitors are even larger, a triple monitor stand can help elevate the displays above the edges of the desk.

Can a computer run 3 monitors?

A laptop can only connect to 2 monitors at a time. For the 3rd monitor, you need to use a USB to HDMI adapter. You can consider the affordable QGeeM USB C to HDMI Adapter 4K Cable (check the latest price on the Amazon website).

How do you connect 3 monitors to a computer?

If your computer doesn’t come with multiple display ports for 3 monitors, you need to purchase a USB to HDMI adapter with 3 output ports. The Startech multi-monitor splitter is a top choice for such tasks (check its latest price here on Amazon).

What is the best triple monitor stand?

The Mountup Triple Monitor Stand Mount is ideal for 3 monitors of up to 27 inches. It has the articulating design to adjust the 3 displays up, down, and to the sides.

Can I use 3 monitors with Windows 10?

Windows 10 supports 3 monitors and even more. However, you need to install drivers for your USB to HDMI adapters for them to work under this version of Windows.