Best Chair To Listen To Music With High Fidelity

The best chair to listen to music is supportive for hours. Such a chair costs between 30 and $3.000 and it may or may not come with thick cushioning. Ergonomics, cushioning and the positioning of the chair affect the listening experience the most.

The best chair to listen to music according to varying budgets

Not everybody wants to spend too much on such a chair, even for a Hi-Fi experience. Purists only want the premium chairs to listen to music. But the following designs show the best of both worlds and it’s up to the users to find a suitable design not only for immersive audio but also to fit a specific place in the home.

  1. Jummico Fabric Recliner Chair

This push back recliner is one of the most convenient in its class. Music fans appreciate its low weight which is mainly based on the thinner cushioning, unlike with many other recliners. But this chair is among the best for listening to music as it comes with a fully-padded surface.

With an angle-adjustable footrest, it is one of the serious contenders to the title of the easiest to use recliners. With curved armrests, it also provides comfort for the arms. At the same time, it cost a fraction of what most other recliners sell for today.


  • Suitable for listening to music
  • Made with an adjustable footrest
  • Designed with curved armrests


  • No lumbar support adjustability

  1. Ikea POÄNG

For decades, this chair has been used for music listening. From old cassette tapes to the latest Spotify streams, it is the option that is most commonly referred to by music fans. It has a certain simplicity which makes no compromises on comfort. The chair is also easily available around the world.

The birch frame with no padding is actually not ideal for sound isolation. However, it is not used in professional studios with music recording. Instead, it is used to listen to music comfortably at home. The seating position is angled towards the ground and this is why many users are tempted to put their feet up as well. With a variety of seat cushions, it can even match all types of furniture. Its high backrest means that even the longest mix can be listened to in peace and comfort.


  • Easily available
  • Recognized as a top design for decades
  • Available in dark brown and off-white


  • Exposed wooden frame not ideal for music studios


  1. Niche Mia Bentwood Reclining Lounge Chair

This cheaper alternative to Ikea’s chair is also classically-inspired. Only 2 lateral wooden elements and 2 connecting brackets form the flexible wooden structure. The seat pan and the backrest are connected to the frame with 4 screws and they are easily assembled at home with no extra help.

The soft cotton materials also favor music listening during the colder months of the year. Unlike leather and vinyl, cotton proves highly efficient for comfort and breathability, also favoring long music listening sessions.


  • Made with a removable cotton cover
  • Assembles in minutes
  • Smaller than a recliner


  • No feet support


  1. Barcalounger Duffy

Made with pocketed coil springs, the Barcalounger is another common choice when listening to music. It has elevated armrests which means users may sit up with their headphones on or lay back in a reclined position and get their feet elevated as well.

Compared to other recliners, the Duffy offers articulated headrest and proper upper body support. This is why it also favors hours of music listening at a time. However, Duffy also has its drawbacks. They are not necessarily related to comfort. But Duffy comes in terrible colors which are outdated for many types of furniture.


  • Made with individually pocketed coils
  • Designed with an articulated headrest
  • Made with high armrests


  • Poor color choices


  1. Urban Shop Faux Fur Saucer Chair with Metal Frame

This comfy foldable design is suitable for listening to music around the house or out on the patio. Its easily moved around as needed and users can rely on its comfort with a sturdy frame that locks into place.

Made with a weight capacity of 221lbs, this chair has a soft micro mink fabrication. Available in a long range of colors, it suits all styles, personalities, and personal preferences. But the best part is it only costs as much as a few months’ worth of Spotify song subscription plans.


  • Covered in micro mink fabrics
  • Available in blue, pink, mint and red


  • Not a premium design


  1. Knoll Wassily Chair

With a strong classic art inspiration, this De Stjil movement chair has a strong Bauhaus influence. (Bauhaus combined aesthetics with functionality before the 1930s and its designs rocked the chair world as it did other categories in the fashion world).

Minimalistic, simplistic and futuristic, the listening chair is an inspiration to many music fans. Steampunk fans love it as much as metal fans. With its tubular steel frame and the added plastic panels and the natural cowhide leather, this chair is expensive, but it also makes a statement.


  • Inspired by Bauhaus designs
  • Features cowhide leather
  • Made with a metal frame


  • More towards style than function


  1. Christopher Knight Evelyn Mid Century Modern Fabric Arm Chair

This mid-century design is one of the affordable multi-purpose options to consider by music fans. It may sit in the living room or in the office space at home but it can also offer a plush platform to sit on while listening to the latest R&B tracks.

Its retro look has a timeless appeal which means it may be used for years. Those who’re not placing it directly on a carpet also need to know its rubberized legs don’t mark or scratch sensitive wooden or tile floors.


  • Made with a retro look
  • Affordable given its style
  • Sits on rubber legs


  • Short backrest


  1. Rowan Rocking Recliner

Perfect in the listening room, this recliner is made with flared arms and it combines function and comfort. With a 3-position leg rest and a recline function, it is ready to offer an unforgettable experience to those seeking a premium design.

Padded with high-grade foam cushioning, it is one of the strongest options for extra fluffiness. Made by hand in the USA, it is one of the designs which never get old. One of the remaining questions music fans have is whether to get into Lazyboy Rocking Recliners, as they oftentimes prompt other purchases since the manufacturer has no many inspired designs.


  • It rocks and reclines
  • Made with foam cushions
  • Designed with flaring arms


  • Some colors cost more than others


  1. Humantouch Perfect Chair PC-420

This ergonomic recliner chair uses the body’s weight to ease in the recline angles. With a unique frame design, padded armrests and padding which reminds of the premium design of the last decade, this chair is not going to be outdated anytime soon. Its design is still going to be presented 20 years from now as it simply works.

With added adjustable lumbar support, music listening for hours doesn’t need to be painful. The added headrest pillow also ensures there’s plenty of clearance when listening to music from the headphones. Made from the Brazilian rubber tree, this chair is among the strongest in the world.


  • Made with an ergonomic design
  • The frame is made with hard Brasilienis wood
  • High 400lbs weight capacity


  • No casters


  1. Giantex Comfortable Rocking Chair

This affordable Humantouch alternative impresses its users from day one. The ergonomic design uses the weight of the body to sit comfortably in place. While it looks simplistic, the rocking chair also comes with a 5-position footrest.

The rounded shape of the chair promotes rocking and with added head support, it’s ready to deal with some of the most basic needs music fans have. One of them is represented by the storage options. This is why it comes with a lateral pocket that may be used to keep a tablet, a smartphone or the headphones in.


  • Easy assembly
  • Made out of elegant birch
  • The headrest is removable


  • Not the sturdiest design


  1. Stresless Wing

With its rocking design, the Stresless Wing is one of the most capable names to beat listeners’ fatigue. Since 1994, it has been inspiring users of all ages in creating a design that works. For most of them, its solid base and the adjustable headrest according to the recline angle make it hard to match in ergonomics.

Covered in leather, it offers a luxurious feel. Its high backrest is made with extra lateral support. Users who fall asleep while listening to their favorite tracks can rest assured they’ll still be comfortable with a quick nap. With a choice of legs, this classic comfort impresses all of its users offering the right posture for most.


  • Available in various sizes
  • Includes a choice of legs
  • Solid mechanics


  • Heavy to move around the room

Final considerations

Other notable mentions include the Ekorness Eldorado, which also sits below the ear level for proper music listening sessions without any sound distortion. The Poltrona Frau Willy also gets great reviews on quality and design but it costs a bit too much for what it is. What’s your best chair to listen to music? How do you ensure its positioning in the room is correct for high fidelity listening? Let us know below.

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