Best Vegan Office Chairs – Save Animals While Sitting

The best vegan office chairs are made from faux leather and other textile materials. Polycarbonate vinyl, EVA foam, and other Phthalate-free and BPA-free materials are also common. These vegan chairs range from $30 budget options to $300 on ergonomic designs.

Finding the best vegan office chairs is not easy. Apart from using animal-free materials, vegans also look at where other materials and leather replacements come from. Vegan chairs are not necessarily healthier either. BPA and plastic softeners might be used in the manufacturing process.


The best vegan office chairs – real leather alternatives

There are many office chairs that don’t use real leather but they are not necessarily vegan. The following office chairs use materials that don’t come from animals and they’ve already been discussed by the vegan community. The problem some of these office chairs have is their price. This is why the following chairs cover a wide range of budgets. Being vegan should not equate to spending shocking amounts on everyday objects.

  • Best vegan leather office chair – Furmax Ribbed Office Desk Chair
  • Best vegan recycled materials chair – Humanscale Smart Ocean
  • Best vegan mesh office chair – Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair
  • Best vegan office stool – Aeris Swopper


PU leather vegan office chairs

PU or polyurethane leather is made by mixing various chemicals. Some office chairs may advertise their products as PU leather, but real leather may be used in their products and only coated in PU. Here are a few good PU options which don’t cost too much.

  1. Furmax Ribbed Office Desk Chair

This elegant office chair is made with PU leather. With its synthetic sources, it represents a valid option for vegans. Of course, even PU leather is not ideal in an office. These types of materials are not enhancing breathability and they can come with extra sweating when sitting for long hours.

However, it is a chair for the masses which means it fits many offices and it has a simple design that even resembles leather chairs. Available in different colors, the office chair comes with a 280lbs weight capacity. With recline and swivel functions, it has all the functionality needed. The best part is that it doesn’t cost much which means there’s no need to save for months as with other more expensive office chairs. Check it out here on Amazon!


Made with PU leather

Rocks back and forth

Doesn’t scratch wooden floors


Not the most breathable design

  1. Luxmod Home Office Chairs Ergonomic Vegan Leather Computer Chair

Stepping away from the big brands often means stepping into innovative bold designs. This is certainly the case with the Luxmod Vegan Leather chair. Its solid construction supports the most weight, somewhere over the 300lbs limit.

Made with a golden-finish steel frame, this chair works well with all-white or all-black office furniture. Its woven faux leather backrest might not win a high mark but its style gets a solid A+. This modern interpretation of a classic design is also fairly priced. All in all, a good deal. Check it out here on Amazon!


  • Made with an attention-grabbing design
  • Features woven leather aesthetics
  • Highly durable with a 322lbs weight limit


  • None


  1. Poly and Bark Tremaine Drafting Chair

This director-style chair features vegan leather upholstery. While some think it’s wrong to always look for leather replacements as a vegan, the chair does its job and it looks fantastic. With simple seat tilt tension control, it has plenty of adjustability.

With an included footrest, it may as well be a winner for many. However, its stylish design only recommends it for modern space with no vintage-style desks. Those who truly want the office chair may need to choose its all-black version as it may be easier to combine with certain office furniture than lighter colors. Check it out here on Amazon!


  • Made with vegan leather
  • Features a footrest
  • Fantastic terracotta color


  • Only fits modern space


  1. US Office Elements Classic Replica High Back Office

This luxurious-style vegan office chair brings back the classic designs for inspiration, similarly to what other furniture brands are doing at the moment. Its ultra-cushioned construction recommends this chair for comfortable sitting.

While it’s not necessarily ergonomic, the office chair has lumbar support and plenty of upper back support which places it above many of its competitors. With a rare back bar to hang clothes, hats, gloves, scarves, umbrellas or bags, it’s even functional. Check it out here on Amazon!


  • The choice for thick cushioning
  • Made with lumbar support
  • Features a practical back bar


  • Requires some assembly

  1. Poly & Bark Aria Task Chair in Vegan Leather

This cushioned chairs may be a solid option for those who don’t need armrests. For example, those who type a lot at work may need no armrests as their hands are already on the desk most of the time. Others might hate the lack of armrests which can come with upper back pain as the hand hang to the sides.

However, the chair is made with quality vegan leather. Its functional design means it may also be an option for meeting rooms and other spaces. But given it has a short backrest, the chair may not be the option for the tallest user. Check it out here on Amazon!


  • Made with vegan leather
  • The office chair is affordable
  • Suitable for meeting rooms


  • Only 1-year of warranty

Mesh materials vegan office chairs

Arguably the best option for long hours of sitting, the mesh materials vegan office chairs looks and feel comfortable and supportive. While many fear for their durability, they are perfectly capable to offer support for years.

  1. Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair

The Herman Miller Aeron is such a popular choice today that even those who work outside the office know it. However, its default version comes with leather-covered armrests. Those who still love the design may opt for leather-free armrests. When placing an order, it’s important to choose or mention the non-leather armrests.

The chair is known for its varying tension mesh with various latitudinal zones. However, users don’t feel these zones too much as the backrest and the seat pan feel supportive. Most importantly, the Aeron comes in large, medium, and small. A chair for the meticulous user. Check it out here on Amazon!


  • Made with varying mesh tension
  • Available in large, medium, and small
  • Can be purchased with vinyl armrests


  • Its colors need an upgrade

  1. Xuer Ergonomic Office Chair with Cozy Lumbar Support

With a multifunctional design, the office chair features mesh materials and an included headrest. Its adjustability is good as well. The headrest is height adjustable. Its armrests are also height adjustable.

But its ergonomic backrest is what recommends this for dedicated office workers sitting for hours every day. With a tilt that goes from 90 to 114 degrees, it is a chair that takes work posture seriously and this speaks volumes for many users. Check it out here on Amazon!


  • Made with an ergonomic design
  • Features lumbar support
  • Includes a headrest


  • Thin seat pan cushioning

Recycled materials vegan office chairs

Recycled materials are making their way into the office. Recycled vegan office chairs are now available from boutique brands but they will be mainstream in the future, as seen in other industries. Here are a few notable options.

  1. Autonomous AVO Chair

This eco-friendly design is made with almost 100% recycled and vegan materials. Its egg shape is what already made it popular in the office world. But the chair is much more as it offers a mesh seat pan with plenty of cushioning. It also represents a durable product even with its recycled materials. At a weight capacity of 250lbs, it is in line with what modern office workers need.

Its colors are fantastic as well. No more tired red and flushed blues. This chair is available in elegant evergreen, baby blue, suntan, and all-black. While it’s not as cheap as those at Office Max, Ikea, Staples or Target, it might be worth a try. It’s unfortunate the manufacturer doesn’t match it with a similarly-attractive recycled materials desk.


  • Made with nearly 100% recycled materials
  • Available in elegant colors
  • Egg-shaped design inspiration


  • Not the lightest design in its class


  1. Humanscale Smart Ocean

Made from recycled fishing nets, this chair cares about the environment. Among the first programs to be launched in the office chair world led to its development. Old fishing nets are recycled into pellets which are then used to make the materials used in the office chair.

Its materials are non-stretch which means they are very supportive. This may be one of the reasons why this office chair is sold with a 15-year warranty. However, its price is well above what most people afford and it follows a line many vegan products do today, simply pricing themselves out of reach. Check it out here on Amazon!


  • Made from ocean fishing nets
  • Backed by a 15-year warranty
  • Made with a comfortable waterfall edge


  • The price

Vegan office stools

Those who don’t need to sit for 8 hours a day can use an alternative office stool. The following recommendation is free from animal products.

  1. Aeris Swopper

The Swoper enjoys flexible sideways movements and it may as well be one of the best when it comes to reaching for objects on the desk. Its cushioned design is made in layers which means there’s more breathability than with regular chairs, way more.

Furthermore, this inspired design also features a spring to absorb shocks and to add comfort. The original design not only fits vegans but it also works for minimalists. Check it out here on Amazon!


  • Made with a spring
  • Allows plenty of movement
  • Suits part-time office jobs


  • Hard to sit on for a whole day

Final thoughts

The best vegan office chairs have different approaches to sourcing materials. They are currently fighting a battle of identity. Some market themselves as ergonomic while others market themselves as a vegan. However, these terms should not be separated. As seen from the office chairs above, all qualities of a non-vegan office chair can be seen in vegan office chairs.

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