Best Ladder Back Chair – Prices And Where To Buy

The best ladder back chair has horizontal slats between two uprights and costs around $100. Ashely Furniture and Ikea make ladder back chairs from solid wood. Their prices vary from $35 to $200. The best designs come painted or stained so that the wood is protected.

It might be difficult to pinpoint the exact best ladder back chair. However, all of the following options come close to a perfect as they don’t overcomplicate the design. Hardwood with or without cushioning is used on these ladder-style chairs.


  1. Signature Design by Ashley Dining Ladder Back Chair

Price – $88

Sold by Amazon

This beige design impresses with its simplicity. Sold in sets of 2, the chairs are suitable for dining or any other general-purpose as they can fit different styles of furniture. The seat has a dark stain and the ladder back has a beige color which makes the elegant chair the contrasting solution for those with white or dark-color furniture.

Assembly is required on the chair as it ships in a box. Regular tools which can be found at home and a bit of glue are enough to quickly put it together. Once the chair is assembled, users can sit on it with or without their cushion.


  • Sold in sets of 2
  • Made with a 38” height
  • Only weighs 15lbs


  • Doesn’t include cushioning

  1. Flash Furniture 2 Pk. Hercules Ladder Back Chair

Price – $123

Sold by Amazon

These chairs are also sold in sets of 2. Made from metal, they are more robust and they can be used on patios or in commercial spaces. They respect the ladder back chair principles of design and they come with a mahogany stain finish.

With welded joint assembly, these chairs are chosen for their durability. However, they lack the finesse wooden ladder back chairs have and they are mainly used in restaurants, AirBnB’s or other such facilities which deal with high customer turnover. Since they are metal-made, using a cushion is mandatory to deal with the lower temperature. A cushioned version is also available from the manufacturer, similarly aimed at commercial spaces.


  • Made from durable metal
  • Mahogany paint finish
  • Sold in sets of 2


  • Cold to sit on without a cushion


  1. International Concepts Maine Ladderback Chairs

Price: $183

Sold by Amazon

Made from solid parawood (Brazilian rubber tree) this timeless chair is sold in sets of 2. The solid wood is considered as hard as maple and it can be one of the options to count on for years when used at home.

The chairs set come unfinished. Various paints and stains can be used to finish this according to each user’s preferences. Saman TEW-212-32 Interior Water Based Stain is one of the options which users can purchase to finish these chairs to an elegant look. The stain comes in various finishes such as:

  • Amaretto
  • Walnut
  • Emerald
  • Dark oak
  • Sesame
  • Urban grey

But the sold wood chairs can also be hand-painted as a part of a large project where they can be used either with antique furniture or with new furniture when remodeling a home.


  • Made from rubberwood trees
  • High wood density, similar to maple
  • Suits antique and modern offices or homes


  • Requires finishing


  1. French Countryside Oak/Black Pair of Chairs by Home Styles

Price $129

Sold by Amazon

Made with a distressed look finish, these hardwood chairs are tall. At their highest point of the backrest, they measure 78”. As a result, these chairs are perfect for dining tables or kitchen tables.

Their classic design recommends the chair for many types of furniture as they look elegant. However, the rounded legs are particularly appealing in homes with classic furniture. Those ordering these chairs by mail also need to set some time aside for assembly as both come boxed.


Made with an oak finish

Sturdy hardwood feel

High 75” backrest


More towards a classic look

  1. Alston Ladderback Dining Side Chairs

Price $122

Sold by Amazon

With a nutmeg finish, these chairs take the classic ladderback design and alter it to wider horizontal slabs. Made from Asian hardwood and Asian tropical wood, it represents one of the comfortable ladder back options as it includes cushioning.

In terms of durability, they are made to last and when properly glued while assembled, the chairs can handle a maximum user weight of 300lbs. The material of the cushioning is a combination of polyester and cotton and this is why the chairs are mainly suitable in modern-style homes or office spaces.


Made from Asian hardwood

Includes cushioning

300lbs weight limit


Only sold in pairs of 2

  1. Signature Design By Ashley – Realyn Dining Upholstered Side Chair

Price $153

Sold by Amazon

These upholstered ladder back chairs come in sets of two. Their distressed finish recommends the chairs with a similarly-distressed look table. Four of these chairs can create a beautiful dining area as there are less suitable for offices.

When placed on rugs around the table, the chairs are easy to move. This is due to their lower height of just 42”, compared to another taller and heavier ladder back chairs.


  • Made with a distressed look
  • Cushioned with a cappuccino upholstery
  • Only 42” in height


  • Not suitable for office spaces

  1. Ikea Gamleby

Price $35

Sold by Ikea

As one of the most affordable ladders backs chairs, this IKEA design is a must-have. Those on tight budgets who don’t want to move away from solid wood designs find this chair appealing. Its simple profile comes with a short assembly time before finally moving the chair to the kitchen.


  • Highly affordable
  • Small and practical
  • Sold individually


  • Only works in the kitchen


  1. Ikea Nordviken

Price $45

Sold by Ikea

This new ladder back chair is IKEA’s response to the increasing need for such chairs. With its simple design, it favors a good posture and it offers solid support for users of up to 110kg.

With a height of 97cm, the ladder back chair is slightly higher. Taller users won’t feel they have to sacrifice posture when sitting on the new Nordviken chairs. However, the minimalistic design requires a similar hardwood table for the best visual impact.


  • Supports users of up to 110kg
  • New design for modern spaces
  • Elegant black finish


  • Doesn’t work with glass tables


  1. South Hill French Ladder Back Swivel Counter Height Chair

Price $160

Sold by Target

Seeking the best ladder back chair at Target shows similar designs which might be hard to differentiate. But this swivel design is an interesting choice, albeit it comes at a higher price. With its farmhouse style, it is available in various finishes such as aqua, gray, and oak brown.

The ladder back chair has a height of 25 inches and it is suitable for counter use. While it is pricier and may be less durable as it comes with moving parts, it is a fun alternative to the classic ladder back design which sees little improvements and modern approaches.


  • The chair swivels
  • Suitable for counter use
  • Uses linen upholstery


  • Not the most affordable option


Even the best ladder back chair has little functionality when not paired with the right furniture. All of these designs above need to be considered for the room they’re going to be used in. Since these chairs come at a higher price due to their hardwood materials, it’s also worth considering the final price for those furnishing an entire dining area where multiple ladder back chairs are needed.

If you’re looking for something similar with a bit more rugged full-back chairs might be an option. Another possibility comes with throne chairs. Feel free to check my guide on the best throne chairs if you need some inspiration.

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