Best Throne Chair – 8 Kingspiration Designs

The best throne chair is available from $100 to $1.000. It is now made with a modern spin. Cushioned and usually made with a wooden frame, throne chairs easily fit in the living room, dining room or even in the bedroom. Throne chairs can also be an inspired choice for the women’s makeup table. Here are the best throne chairs to consider for home use.

Best throne chair – inspiration for indoor and outdoor chairs

The following designs can be used either indoors or outdoors. Some of them have already been integrated into modern home designs and they seem to have a timeless appeal. Which is your favorite?

  1. HOMCOM Retro High Back Armless Chair

Available on black, bright blue, cream white, red, and soft grey, this throne chair looks amazing and it’s comfortable as well. Unlike the cold steel Game of Throne chair, it is thickly cushioned and perfectly suited for both the cold winter months and the warm summer days.

Plush and comfortable, the chair is covered in soft velveteen with high-density foam padding. The foam naturally follows the shape of the body to offer a plush comfortable feel.

A few points on style

Apart from the foam cushioning, the throne chair also features distinct a button-tufted backrest. Inspired by the classic Chesterfield chair, the throne chair offers a modern spin to a timeless design. With a 285lbs weight capacity, the chair can be used in any room around the house or the office’s relaxation area.


  • Made with a 45” height
  • A modern spin on the classic Chesterfield design
  • Uses foam cushioning
  • Made with velveteen and birch wood


  • The buttons need to be fixed better


  1. King David Royal High Back Lion Throne

This hand-carved mahogany chair is among the unique options for kids and adults. From birthday parties to weddings, it offers a suitable photo occasion chair. But it can also add an air of extravaganza to any home. Unlike many other throne chairs, it is also unique. Being made by hand means there’s no 2 of these which look the same.

At a height of 70” and a depth of 34”, it is one of the most respectable options in its class in terms of size. Covered in golden vinyl, the throne chair impresses with its luxurious feel. Similarly to classic English chairs, it also comes with crystal tufting to better hold the vinyl in place.


  • Made with hand-carved mahogany
  • Uses crystal tufting
  • Made with soft golden vinyl


  • Delicately carved details


  1. Christopher Knight Home Callie Dining Chair

This modern approach to a throne chair is suitable for families with kids. Easy to clean, it offers a clean cushioned surface which can be dusted as often as needed. Made out of birch wood and covered in vinyl, the chair has a height of 46 inches. This makes it only slightly taller than the HOMCOM chair. This is why it should not be confused with a dining chair used at the table, as its quite low.

But the throne chair can be used for relaxation, reading or simply as decoration. Kids will be very comfortable sitting in its lower position. Furthermore, the throne chair can easily be moved around the room to watch TV or to get natural light while reading.


  • Made out of birch wood
  • Only 46 inches tall
  • Suitable for indoor use


  • Easily tumbles over


  1. KOUBOO Grand Pecock Retro Peacock Chair

This retro Peacock chair is the perfect outdoor throne chair. Place on the patio can serve as a resting solution for drinking coffee or taking an inspired Instagram photo.

Made by hand from natural rattan, the chair is also friendly to the skin as its free from harsh chemicals. While it comes with a cushion, users can set their cushion as long as it fits. Alternatively, the chair can be covered with a blanket or a king’s cape.


  • Made from natural rattan
  • High 55” backrest
  • Includes a small cushion


  • Not made for indoor use


  1. Sophie Bridal Shower Canopy Hooded Throne Chair

As its name suggests, the chair is a suitable bridal shower design. It represents a comfortable design that looks truly inspired by princesses themselves. Hand-carved from mahogany wood, the throne chair features crystal tufting. It represents a women’s design made for occasions. At the same time, it sits perfectly in front of the makeup mirror.


  • Made by hand
  • Features crystal tufting
  • Made from mahogany


  • Tall at 64”


  1. Elizabeth Throne Chair

This black-gold throne chair is suitable for men and women. Covered with velvety upholstery, it is suitable for occasional use. Its 72in height recommends it even for the tallest users and it also makes it one of the most stable throne chairs on the list. With crystal tufted backrest, it looks as special as many only dares to hope for.


  • Made in unique colors
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Features a high 72” backrest


  • Cold to sit on during winter


  1. Giants Throne

This outdoors throne chair seems like a design straight out of Maleficent. However, the Viking-themed chair is suitable for outdoor use where it can sit next to a small coffee table out on the patio. Since it’s made out of natural wood, it shouldn’t be left out in the snow. However, it is perfectly usable during the summer, spring and fall.


  • Made with a natural appeal
  • Entirely made out of wood
  • Fun for kids


  • Not to be left out in the snow or rain


  1. Storytelling Throne Chair

This storytelling outdoor’s throne chair is made out of 100% recycled materials. Coming from Scotland, it has a strong king’s influence but it can certainly be the soul of an outdoor party. The chair is also suitable for the various performance taking participants back to Shakespeare’s time.


  • Made from recycled wood
  • Inspired by real thrones
  • High 69in backrest


  • Not finished to a high standard

Final considerations

The best throne chair needs to look impressive and to be comfortable. This is why a modern spin design is always practical. However, most of these chairs are not to be used at the table or the desk as regular chairs. Many of these throne chairs may only be used as decoration.

Yes, these chairs are not the most environmentally-friendly. If you’re looking to diminish your impact on the environment, feel free to check my list of the best vegan office chairs and start there.

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