Best Outdoor Chair For Elderly Sorted And Analyzed

The best outdoor chair for the elderly costs between $30 and $120. Folding, wooden, rocking and cushioned chairs are made for the seniors in this range. They are available on Amazon and Ikea at these prices.

We’ve selected 12 outdoor chairs for the elderly according to price, value, design, functionality, durability, comfort and age suitability. Above all, the best chair needs to be practical for the elderly to sit on and get out of without help or with little help. Here are the nominees.

Best outdoor chair for elderly Chair name
Price Caravan Sports Suspension Folding Chair
Value Flamaker 3 Pieces Patio Set, Keter Corfu Armchair All Weather
Design Lokatse Home Outdoor Chairs With Table, Best Choice Products Set of 2 Outdoor Acacia Wood Club Chairs
Functionality Walker Edison Outdoor Chairs, Babylon Outdoor Recliner Wicker Patio Adjustable Recliner Chair
Durability Highwood Hamilton Adirondack Chair
Comfort Sophia & William Outdoor Rocking Chairs, Solaura 3-Piece Outdoor Rocking Chairs
Age and suitability Top Space Outdoor Rocking Chairs, Klear Vu Embrace Rocking Chair

The Best Outdoor Chair For Elderly In Detail

Prices on these chairs vary but they are available at various budgets. Options were limited to mass-market appeal as follows.

  1. Flamaker 3 Pieces Patio Set

The best outdoor chair for the elderly is often simple, comfortable, and durable. These attributes are seen in this Flamaker rattan chair set that impresses with a modern design. It sells in sets of 2 outdoor chairs plus an outdoor coffee table so that you have a complete set to rely on when relaxing out in the sun.

Seniors can also appreciate the thick cushions that are sent with the chairs. These are available in black, blue, grey, and black. These thick polyester cushions are ideal for outdoor furniture for the elderly as they resist changing weather and constant sun exposure.

Based on steel frame construction, these patio chairs for seniors are among the best options for the money as they’re quite affordable. Senior-friendly outdoor furniture doesn’t have to be expensive. You can purchase these chairs here on Amazon.

Reasons to buy the chairs

  • Great minimalist outdoor chair styling
  • Made with durable rattan
  • High 285lbs weight capacity

2. Walker Edison Outdoor Chairs

If you’re after the best lawn chair for the elderly you came to the right place. Made from acacia wood, these high outdoor chairs for the elderly are perfect for sitting on the lawn, on the patio, or on the porch while enjoying a cup of tea.

Walker Edison also shows wooden outdoor patio chairs don’t need to be flimsy. These wooden chairs for seniors hold up to 250lbs each, making them the ideal setup for users of varying heights and weights. The sturdy armrests are ideal for seniors who need a bit of help getting up as well. You can get it here on Amazon.

Reasons to buy the chairs

  • Elegant all-wood design
  • Secure cushions that tie in place
  • They look great in the garden alone or in sets

3. Lokatse Home Outdoor Chairs With Table

Just because you’re after chairs for seniors doesn’t mean you have to set style to the side. These modern minimalist outdoor chairs are ideal in a modern home where seniors appreciate great style. Made using a sturdy frame, an outdoor chair from Lokatse features sturdy armrests so that you can easily get on and off the chair.

Thick cushions make these chairs even better for seniors. While other outdoor chairs also come with cushioning, the Lokatse chairs for seniors you can use outdoors also feature a pillow-like backrest cushion so that you can rest outside for hours.

A matching powder-coated steel coffee table is also shipped with these chairs. You can use it as an ideal small table for drinks and summer refreshments. You can get the chair here on Amazon.

Reasons to buy the chairs

  • Made from steel that lasts outdoors
  • Available in multiple colors
  • It ships with a matching outdoor coffee table

4. Sophia & William Outdoor Rocking Chairs

This best rocking chair for the elderly is specifically made for outdoor use. It uses a steel frame that lasts in the sun or even when forgotten out in the rain. You’ll have to remember to take its removable cushion inside when you see the rain coming, however.

These chairs are rugged and expected to last for years. While you won’t believe patio rocking chairs for seniors are made with high weight capacity you might need to take a look at what leading brands are offering. For example, this Sophia & William best outdoor rocking chair comes with 300lbs maximum weight capacity, ideal for any user. Find the chair here on Amazon.

Reasons to buy the chairs

  • High 27.8 backrest for full back and head support
  • Made with breathable steel mesh for outdoor use
  • It features a removable cushion

5. Top Space Outdoor Rocking Chairs

Senior-friendly outdoor furniture isn’t always easy to find. Sturdy chairs for seniors are made in their thousands but sometimes you need to think outside of the box to find a chair that works for you. This Top Space outdoor chair is a hybrid. It’s actually a rocking chair that doesn’t look like a rocking chair.

Featuring a rocking system and thick cushions, it can be the right choice for a moment of relaxation out in the sun. Unlike a full rocking chair, it also allows you to sit up straight and enjoy a cup of coffee properly.

The outdoor chair with cushions comes in sets. Beige and grey colors are typically in stock for the cushions, but you can always use them with your own removable cushions if you need vivid color alternatives. You can order the chair here on Amazon.

Reasons to buy the chairs

  • Made with a rocking design
  • Some of the thickest cushions seen on outdoor chairs
  • Sturdy armrests for the elderly

6. Caravan Sports Suspension Folding Chair

The elderly love functionality. Above all, the Caravan Sports chairs are practical. Its folds, it’s easy to carry and it can easily be moved as needed. Furthermore, it may as well be used indoors to watch TV or to relax when there are no other available chairs in the house or whenever friends come over for a chat.

While this outdoor chair looks flimsy, it has plenty of strength. Its maximum load is 300lbs which is not matched even by a few all-wood alternatives. Part of this impressive strength is given by its durable steel frame. But the chair is also easy to clean. Its durable texteline fabric makes it easy to clean.

Seniors are bound to forger the chair out in the rain and the fact this Suspension Folding design is not damaged by water can only be seen as a major plus. But at a weight of just 11.8lbs, this chair is not to be overlooked when passed by as it can be carried by seniors inside when the weather changes. You can check it out here on Amazon!

Reasons to buy the chair

  • Supports the heaviest users
  • Folds and stores easily
  • Weighs only 11.8lbs
  • Cleans with soap and water


7. Highwood Hamilton Adirondack Chair

This comfortable wood-mimicking chair is one of the most durable options in its class. It’s made with materials which resemble wood but which are not affected by bad weather. This is why the elderly can sit on it without needing to paint it from time to time. Its colors don’t easily fade which also makes seniors see the real value for money they get with its design.

Made with armrests, it mainly favors long sitting sessions. Since users sit in a reclined angle, it’s not the type of chair to drink coffee or tea from. But it’s rather a solution to sit and read on or even take a nap on a warm summer day in.

Federal Blue or Coastal Teak are just a few of its unique color options. Most users find this chair impressive as it allows such great colors to be matched with other outdoor furniture. The manufacturer also adds a 12-yer warranty to back its value. You can check it out here on Amazon!

Reasons to buy the chair

  • Its colors don’t fade away
  • The chair is not damaged by rain
  • Favors sitting in a relaxed position
  • Made with armrests


8. Solaura 3-Piece Outdoor Rocking Chairs

This set is perfect for elderly couples who need a relaxing space for coffee on the patio or in their garden. With an ergonomic design, the chairs don’t place any pressure on the low or upper back. The armrests are curved so there’s no risk of injury with sharp corners.

Most importantly, these outdoor rocking chairs for the elderly ship with thick comfortable cushioning. Seniors can relax and enjoy a nice day outside with such cushioning. From the perspective of practicality, they prove particularly appealing to those who love the cleanest chairs. Their cushioning is removable and it allows plenty of opportunities to be washed in the washing machine with regular clothes.

Since the chairs are sold in sets of 3, they are suitable for couples or families. Singles may also want the set for when the kids or friends come over as well. However, those ordering them online should prepare a screwdriver as they need some assembly out of the box. You can check it out here on Amazon!

Reasons to buy the chairs

  • Sold in sets of 3
  • Made with thick comfortable cushioning
  • The cushioning is completely removable and washable
  • Made with a timeless design


9. Keter Corfu Armchair All Weather 

Made with woven weather-resistant resin, this lightweight outdoor chair is a classic choice. Elder users can consider it for its lightweight first. This low weight makes it easy to move around. Seniors don’t need to handle heavy chairs by themselves and this Keter alternative is one of the featherweight designs which avoid this issue.

The resin is specifically-made from plastic. This means there’s a high chance the chair will last for years. Even left out in the sun, it’s not easily damaged by UV rays. This is also the reason why such materials are used on the chairs of restaurant terraces and other such premises in a commercial environment.

Cleaning is also easy. A simple sponge, soap, and water are all that’s needed to keep this outdoor chair dust-free. Users who wash their cars at home may also use a pressure washer on the chair. You can check it out here on Amazon!

Reasons to buy

  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Not damaged by the strong summer sun’s rays
  • Easy to wash properly


10. Best Choice Products Set of 2 Outdoor Acacia Wood Club Chairs

These chairs are sold in sets of 2. Most importantly, they are the stylish option for the elderly which value aesthetics as well as functionality. Shipped with 2 thick cushions each, these chairs are very comfortable as well. The cushions may also fit washing machines when the time comes to make them look as new and get rid of bacteria.

Since they are made out of solid wood, they are not as supportive as all-metal alternatives. But even so, they hold users of up to 250lbs which means most elderly users don’t have a problem sitting on the chairs outdoors.

At 50lbs each, the chairs aren’t heavy either. However, the wooden frame needs assembly out of the box. Full instructions are included as well as 4 thick cushions for both of the chairs in the set. You can check it out here on Amazon!

Reasons to buy the chairs

  • Elegant design for the patio
  • Suitable for small coffee tables
  • Thick cushions provide sufficient comfort
  • Good for family photos


11. RockingRocker Natural Wood Porch Rocker/Rocking Chair

Not the best outdoor chair for the elderly list can be complete without a rocking chair. This classic design has stood the test of time and it has a name which is recognized all around the world. Its relaxing nature is what appeals to most seniors.

With its long armrests, the chair is certainly one of the options which may as well work for a quick nap. Entirely made out of wood, it’s also has a certain charm which is nearly impossible to achieve with resin or all-metal alternative designs.

Made from durable hardwood materials, the chair has a weight capacity of 250lbs. This maximum capacity is similar to other wooden chairs recommended by However, light assembly is needed. You can check it out here on Amazon!

Reasons to buy

  • Suitable for rocking
  • Made out of solid wood
  • Suits wooden patios


12. Best Choice Products Foldable Zero Gravity Rocking Mesh Patio Recliner Chair

A steel frame and durable mesh materials are all that’s needed for this chair. It combines the functionality of a foldable chair and the classic appeal of a rocking chair. As not all seniors are fond of an all-wood alternative which may prove difficult to move around, the Best Choice chair seems the next best solution.

With its 17lbs, it is one of the lightest outdoor chairs on the list. It impresses with its simplicity and without promising something it can’t deliver, the chair is practical for everyday use. Its users may also choose from a range of vivid or simple colors to suit their style and personalities. You can check it out here on Amazon!

Reasons to buy

  • Made with a rocking design
  • Sustained by a steel frame
  • The mesh materials are durable


13. Phi Villa Patio Swivel Rocker Chair

This 250lbs-capacity chair has an ace up its sleeve. It has a swivel design with a modern interpretation for maximum functionality. This is why it is particularly useful on the patio, where space may come as a premium for the elderly.

When the chair is placed next to a coffee table, it benefits from its swivel function the most. It allows easy access to and from the chair, something pensioners truly enjoy. With its stain-resistant design, it is also a chair that impresses with durability. Since there are 2 of these chairs sold in a set, seniors need to see if it’s a viable financial option for them. You can check it out here on Amazon!

Reasons to buy

  • Made with a unique swivel design
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Practical in tight spaces


14. Babylon Outdoor Recliner Wicker Patio Adjustable Recliner Chair

The best recliner had to be on this list. The elderly might look long and hard to find a competitor for this chair. It reclines, it comes with thick cushioning and its durable. This is what makes it so hard to match in value. At the same time, the chair is fully washable.

But the biggest advantage of this outdoor chair remains its full capacity recline function. Even the feet come up with the chair and its users can certainly relax in a full recline position. White and brown cushions are available for the chair. However, the vivid orange cushion is hard to match for its unique looks. You can check it out here on Amazon!

Reasons to buy

  • Full recline practicality
  • Plenty of support for legs and arms
  • Ships with elegant cushions


15. Klear Vu Embrace Rocking Chair Pad Set

The Klear rocking chair has a narrow profile, suitable for the thinner user. It’s rocking design makes it suitable for the patio or indoor use during winter. It doesn’t come with thick cushioning as other chairs on this list. But it does include thin cushions for minimum comfort.

Since it ships with thin cushions, this outdoor chair for the elderly is also suitable for those who don’t like to overheat while sitting in a chair. With thick cushioning alternatives, this is certainly an issue for too many seniors. Check it out here on Amazon!

Reasons to buy

  • Made with a rocking design
  • Includes thin cushioning pillows
  • Highly affordable for a rocking chair


16. BrylaneHome Roma All-Weather Wicker Stacking Chair

With a high seating position and wide armrests, this chair is suitable for the elderly. Its vacation-style design also makes it highly valuable for those with pools. It can certainly sit next to a pool. When seniors are out of the water, they can remove the cushioning and sit on the chair without damaging its materials.

With a 250lbs weight capacity, the chair is sufficient for most users’ weights. It even comes in various colors. Interestingly, those who want to purchase multiple chairs are also able to stack them easily and save space when not in use. You can check it out here on Amazon!

Reasons to buy

  • Made with wide armrests
  • Suitable for homes with pools
  • Made with a stackable design


17. Ikea Brommo

This fold-up chair is one of the options for users who want to sit for hours. It is certainly suitable for a few sunbathing sessions. Since it comes with a minimalist profile, it also folds up and it needs special storage space as it can even be stored underneath a table.

While it doesn’t have any cushioning, this wooden Varda-stain chair is still comfortable. But those who want even more cushioning and extra comfort can choose Ikea’s Hallo seat/back pad which fits the chair perfectly.

Reasons to buy

  • Suitable for sunbathing
  • Folds up when not in use
  • Compatible with Hallo cushioning


The best outdoor chair for elderly or seniors needs to be compatible with other furniture. Since these chairs need to deal with changing temperature, UV rays, wind, sand, dust, and rain, they also need to be durable. But above all, they need to be easy to use as the elderly lack the mobility needed to easily rise from a chair. Luckily, the chairs above are perfectly suitable for such needs.

If you already have such a chair, let us know what you chose and how it’s working for you below.

Also, if you need something a bit more comfortable and supportive for indoor use, take a quick look at a 2-minute read on Chairs You Can Lean Back In which offer superior ergonomics.