The Only List Of Office Hammock Chair Brands

Here’s a shortlist of office hammock chair brands. Most of them can be purchased directly on their brands’ website. Others are only available through online commerce platforms such as Amazon, Etsy or eBay. All of them have products which can be used in the office.


The two premium hammock chairs from Homegasm are hard to match for style and comfort.


Hang and stand hammocks are available from the manufacturer. Kids’ designs are a distinct characteristic.


The brand is known for a small number of hammock chairs. Their maximum user weight capacity is up to 120kg.

Carribean Hammocks

With a large selection of office hammock chairs and other types of hammocks, the brands are seen as a premium name in this segment.


The mid-range options from HammockTown can be a cozy solution to invigorate the design of office space.

Oak N Oak

A large number of comfortable office hammock chairs are made by the manufacturer.


The CCTRO office hammock chairs are known for their breathable materials.

Inspired Home Living

Efficient office hammock chairs made in various colors. Their designs are in line with what’s made at the moment.


Simple and efficient, the Hammaka hammock chair requires no assembly and it supports weights of up to 220lbs.

Toucan Outdoor

Using quality materials such as cotton, Toucan hammock chairs have a maximum weight capacity of up to 250lbs.

Club Fun

Made with a hanging rope, hammock chairs from Club Fun are made to be hanged low and they need an extension for ceiling installation.


The manufacturer is one of the few names currently making hammock chairs with armrests and footrests.


Made with tight woven rope and polyester, the hammocks from Flexzion are mainly recommended for frequent location changes.


Arad sells affordable hammocks through Amazon. Their orientation is towards the outdoor use but they can be used indoors also.

Better Homes And Gardens

Made with ropes, the designs from the manufacturer would suit a women’s office environment.


Using a light cradle and a compact design, the Dilwer hammock chair might as well be the smallest on this list, perfect for space-limited offices.


Made with two pillows the brand makes a porch hammock chair which can be adapted to the office space.


Made from cotton canvas, the hammock chairs from the manufacturer stand out with their design and they can even be washed if needed.

Planted Perfect

As its name suggests, the brand offers designs which include a footrest. Their weight capacity sits at 120kg.


The Joyfeel hammock chairs are mainly made for the outdoors and they could be an option for an office terrace at the same time,


With handmade knits, Insker hammock chairs are perfect for those with a taste for design aesthetics. They are sold at Walmart.


Made with bright colors, the hammock chairs from Zeny come in a small box and they are already pre-installed.


With a cradle profile, the hammock chair from Omni can be one of the options made for men, as it features darker colors.

Backyard Expressions

If you’re unsure what you like, the spacious hammock chair from Backyard Expressions might answer your questions, especially since it comes in multiple colors.


The cocoon-style hammock chair from the brand can be a good design for the home office, where you sit more relaxed without having to invest in the most attractive products.


With designs which are not particularly innovative, the brand manages to offer comfortable hammock chairs at reasonable prices.

Muse Wanna

If you want a hammock with a stainless steel hook, you need to look at Muse. Their weight capacity expands to 500lbs.


With a high weight capacity of up to 250lbs, the hammock chairs stand out with a colorful profile suitable for men and women.

Coral Coast

At your next Walmart visit, have a look at the Coral Coast design. You can’t miss it as it has a solid wood spreader bar.

Krazy Outdoors

There are only 2 hammock chairs made by Krazy Outdoors. They come with a premium varnished wooden bar and soft cotton materials.

Patio Watcher

The hammock chairs from the brand use an eye hook and they can be hanged from the ceiling.


If you’re seeking from something more colorful, Blissun might be the right answer for your hammock chair.


The hammock chairs from the brand are made in the USA. They have a weight capacity of up to 300lbs.


Alogma’s Sunbrella can be used by those who want a design with a solid backrest which favors activities such as reading.


If you need to bring your kids to the office, Ingodi can keep them comfortable in dedicated children’s hammock chairs.


If you are a fan of Instagram hammock chairs, the Etsy-based LimboImports features designs with included pillows.

Freeport Park

Made with classic wood and a myriad of color options, the brand is recommended for customization options.


With 3 pillows and a 7m cord, the hammock chair design from the brand is large and heavy, made for heavier users.


The rope hammock chairs from Ankeo are mainly suitable for women seeking a stylish office design.

Best Choice Products

Featuring comfortable designs with padding, the hammock chairs are made to offer a reliable entry-level option.

Serena & Lily

The hanging chair designs from the brands have a bit more structure and as a result, a bit more balance.

Final words

One of the best parts about these office hammock chair brands is they can be installed quickly in the office. Make sure to read our office hammock chair instructions before the installation. These office hammock chairs are purely made for comfort and some of them allow some level of concentration when working at a laptop or computer desk mainly due to their high backrests, such as the Sunbrella. Have you got one of them? Let us know how it works for you in the comments below.