Meeting Room Chair Dimensions – Height, Width and Why They’re Important

Meeting room chair dimensions vary from 36” to 46” in height and from 19” to 19” to 29” in width. You can choose a fixed chair such as the thickly-padded Btexpert PU leather chair or Furmax’s ribbed office chair. A typical 10’ conference room table can accommodate up to 10 height-adjustable chairs.

If you’re planning a new conference room, the number of guests it accommodates is arguably its most important characteristic. From a small conference room with just 3-4 chairs to large rooms with multiple tables of up to 10 chairs, there are many other considerations to make.

A few examples of meeting room chair dimensions

As you might already know, conference tables don’t include chairs and you’ll need to purchase them separately. If you’re purchasing a rectangular conference table of up to 10 feet in length, you can accommodate up to 10 chairs. 2 of these 10 chairs would be at the ends of the table. The standard dimensions of a chair such as the Stellar mid-back are the following.

  • 36.25” to 40” height – from the lowest to the highest point
  • 18 to 21.7” seat height – according to the height adjustments
  • 18.25” seat pan depth
  • 19.5” seat width
  • 25.5” 5-star casters base width
  • 26.25” overall seat depth

Of course, this is just an example. Every chair has different dimensions and you may need to adjust your designs according to the conference room space you have. Here are a few guidelines of what you can expect in terms of meeting room chair dimensions.


Meeting room chair Height Width
Furmax Ribbed Office Desk Chair 45.6” 18.1”
AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair 41” 25.1”
Sidalni Conference Room Chair 42” 29.2”
OFM Conference Chair 40” 24”
Btexpert Fixed Height PU Chair 36” 25”
Ikea Fjallberget Conference Chair 33” 26.3”


Space considerations for meeting room chairs

There are a few general guidelines when it comes to space a chair needs. Its dimensions are truly important when compared against the free space you have for them in the conference room.

How much space do I need from the table to the wall?

This is a big one. Unfortunately, office space is a premium today and you may need to deal with tight spaces. However, you should allow at least 48” between the wall and the table. Remember, the bulkier the chair and the longer its armrests, the more space you’ll need in the room

How much space do I need for walking sideways with a Furmax mid-back chair?

If you want to your workers or guest to have a comfortable experience, you need to allow sufficient walking space to the left and the right of the chair. At least 15” should be considered for this. If your chairs are too close together, you might still get around this issue by somewhat forcing attendees to go further back with the chair before getting out of it. But in this case, there needs to be more than 60” of clearance behind the chair.

I have a tight room, how much walking space should be between the chair and a wall?

Regardless of the height of the chair, you still need at least 25” walking space to the wall. This space can also be used for chairs which recline.

Can I fit 10 people in a room of 200” X 200”?

You could fit 10 people in such a small room with a bit of effort. However, the recommended numbers above fit a standard meeting room table of 8 people.

A few tips on how to add more chairs to your meeting room

When you have the largest conference room, there are not many mistakes to make. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about smaller conference rooms where many struggles to find chairs at the right dimensions. Here are a few quick tips.

Plan according to the size of the table

The conference room table is going to take the most space. This is why you will need to assess the number of people who are mostly going to attend meetings and purchase a table which is suitable for that number. Of course, large conference tables look impressive, but they can take up your free space fast.

Only purchase the chairs you’re going to use

If you’re planning your conference rooms, there’s no need to purchase too many additional chairs, especially the ones which don’t fold. If you purchase too many chairs, you’ll need more storage space for them when most of these chairs should fit right under the meeting room table.

Consider chairs without armrests

If you don’t have at least 15” to the side of each chair, you may need to look for compact designs. The first accessory which can go is represented by armrests. Your employees love them as they get to sit comfortably. However, they might even be more alert without armrests. Furthermore, meetings are not as long as a normal shift and there is no need to add armrests for many types of short meetings.

Choose height adjustability

Fixed height meeting room chairs are undeniably more durable. However, most people will find better comfort in height adjustable meeting room chairs. Since everybody has a different height, you should strive for height adjustability options, even if they might cost more.

Do not overcrowd the room

One of the simplest mistakes to make in conference rooms is to add too much stuff, not only chairs. These rooms should be spaces for ideas and analytics and there should be plenty of free space and good ventilation for this reason. Make sure you only shop for the basics and only purchase the chairs you’re going to need.

Consider additional foldable chairs just in case

In some cases, meetings are held with people from outside the company. Co-work spaces have the best meetings rooms as they are ready to accommodate small groups as well as large groups. You may also notice that these spaces have plenty of extra foldable chairs in storage for these larger groups. You can consider them as well.

Consider a conference room without a table

Not all companies need meeting room tables. In most cases, they work for documents, laptops and other personal items. But if you can organize your meeting room as an auditorium, you will end up having a lot more space for added chairs. If you don’t need the table, ditch it.

Final words

Organizing a meeting room is not easy. Meeting room chairs come in different dimensions and this can be an indicator of the actual free space you’ll end up with once the room is fully furnished. Remember, every person needs a bit of personal space for comfort and jamming as many chairs as possible may not be best for productivity.

If you’re looking to have longer meetings, a high backrest and the general dimensions of the above-mentioned Furmax chair are a good choice. If you have short meetings, you may get away with smaller meeting room chairs and the dimensions of Ikea’s Fjallberget are about right for quick get-togethers.




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