3 PS5 Gaming Setup Ideas To Inspire a New Gaming Generation

The ultimate PS5 gaming setup ideas include a valid desk, a good monitor, or a potent 1080p TV with at least 4K resolution. Headphones, speakers, and a comfortable gaming chair are also part of a cool PS5 console setup.

Have you been preparing your new gaming setup for your PlayStation 5? You might want to have a look at the PS5 gaming setup ideas below to get inspired by the pros. This article looks into 3 PS setups with links where you can get all of the important tools your setup needs to recreate them at home.

This is How a Cool PS5 Gaming Setup Looks Like

3 PS5 gaming setup ideas are found below. Most of them combine great gaming setups with PS console ideas into a gamer’s paradise.

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PS5 gaming setup idea #1

This setup is one of the simplest you can replicate at home. It can be seen as a minimal PS5 gaming setup to keep for years. Uncluttered and using a contrasting black and white theme, this gaming setup looks similar to a PS5 console which has a black core and tall white panels.

  • Monitor

This setup probably runs on a monitor similar to the 27” BenQ MOBIUZ EX2710. You can get this monitor yourself as it’s ideal for such a minimalist setup. The PS5 monitor features a 144Hz refresh rate and a native 1920 x 1080 resolution. 1ms response time, a light tuner, and its black eQualizer function make this PS5 monitor a must-have on a simple gaming setup. You can get it here on Amazon.

  • Chair

For a PS5 gaming chair, this setup chooses a black and white theme as well. S-Racer Homall Gaming chairs are ideal for such setups. Highly affordable, these gaming chairs come with adjustable armrests and good lumbar support. You can get a cheap Homall gaming chair here on Amazon.

  • Desk

For this setup, almost any elegant white computer desk works well. Since your PS5 gaming console is expensive, you might want to look at an affordable desk that can work both for work and playtime. You can get an all-white gaming desk here on Amazon.

  • Lamp

A cool desk lamp with a vintage design can elevate a minimal gaming setup. You can have one at a decent price and you can use it as decoration or view your controller or keyboard a bit better. The one in this example is available here on Amazon.

  • Pixelated clock

Pixelated clocks are now trending on Reddit and YouTube. These WiFi clocks have a retro look but they are integrated through apps to show time, weather, calendar, notifications, sales, and everything you can customize yourself. You can get a pixelated clock here on Amazon.

  • Artwork

This setup features Star Wars black and white artwork. You can create your prints for this setup or find similar artwork here on Amazon.

  • Keyboard

A 60% white mechanical keyboard is ideal for your PS5 black and white gaming setup. You can get a cheap white mechanical keyboard like the one in the photo here on Amazon.

  • Controller

At the moment, you can only get an official PS5 controller for your gaming setup. Since the new PS console only comes with one controller, you can get another Dual Sense controller here on Amazon.

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PS5 gaming setup idea #2

The second PS5 gaming setup idea also comes with plenty of white and black contrasting combinations and a bright monitor for PS5 gaming.

  • Desk

The second ultimate PS5 gaming setup also uses plenty of white to emphasize the look of the console. One of the best parts about these all-white setups is they can easily be replicated and customized to your liking at home. You can get an all-white gaming desk here on Amazon.

  • Floating cube shelves

The gaming setup of this PS5 fan uses a white desk with floating shelves as legs on the left side. These white cube-style floating shelves are ideal for various display items. You can buy them here on Amazon.

  • Gaming chair

This setup uses a Secretlab gaming chair. The Titan chair is featured in this post. If you can’t get a Secretlab chair in your area, you can get a lookalike here on Amazon.

  • Monitor

With 250nits brightness and 75Hz refresh rate, the Acer SB240Y Bbix is an excellent monitor for such a small PS5 gaming setup. You can get the 23.8” monitor here on Amazon.

  • PS icons LED lights

The PS5 icon LED lights in the photo are USB-powered. You can add them to a floating cube shelf as décor which impresses those who see it, especially during the night. Get them here on Amazon.

  • XL PlayStation icon lights

The XL PS icon lights are a good addition to the setup instead of simply buying 2 PS icons such as those above. Most users also connect these via USB for power. Alternatively, you can use 3 x AAA batteries for it. You can find the XL PlayStation lights here on Amazon.

  • PlayStation metal drink coasters

Metal drink coasters can be used for cups of coffee or tea. You can also use them for decoration to create the ultimate setup your PS5-loving fans will never stop complimenting. You can get a set of PS metal drink coasters here on Amazon.

  • White LED strips

White LED strip lights can be used with or without a tube to recreate the gaming setup above. Cheap white led strips can be found here on Amazon.

  • Speaker stand

If you want an all-white stand for speakers, you need to get one that has a stable base. You can find such a simple all-metal stand for speakers here on Amazon.

Source: @playstation_n3rd

PS5 gaming setup idea #3

The third awesome gaming setup for PS5 uses a TV. This can easily be replicated by getting this minimal setup below.

  • TV

The Samsung 75-inch Class QLED Q800T Series is a strong contender for the title of the best PS5 TV that lasts. This TV comes with 8K resolution, full 4K HDR, and 1080p playing capacity. Whenever there’s a 4K or 8K PS5 resolution upgrade this TV will be ready for it. Find it here on Amazon.

  • TV stand

The simple TV stand can be used to display your old PlayStations here. You can add your PS4 and PS3s to the setup. Alternatively, you can simply use the versatile white TV stand to store your PS5 and old PS4 titles. You can get the stand here on Amazon.

  • Speakers

There are thousands of tower speakers you can consider when recreating this console gaming setup at home. Regardless if you play PS5 or Xbox games, you can find solid tower speakers at a fair price here on Amazon.

  • Shelves

Long black floating shelves are used in this setup. You can get a few of them to store and showcase your PS games. Affordable shelves similar to those in the photo can be found here on Amazon.


PS5 console setup questions answered

Do I need 144Hz for PS5?

PS5 doesn’t currently run on 144Hz monitors. At the moment, Sony has announced its console aims the 60Hz and the 120Hz refresh rate at resolutions of 1080p with the option of 4K and 8K resolution in the future. The maximum 1080p resolution of current PS5 consoles is typically limited to a maximum of 120fps.

Can 60Hz run 120fps?

You can run 120fps games on a 60Hz monitor. However, you won’t see a difference in the framerate of the game without also upgrading your monitor.

Does 120Hz mean 120fps?

No, 120Hz doesn’t equal 120fps. 120Hz is the number of times the images refreshes on the screen. 120fps refers the number of times the PS5 console produces a new image. If the game you play on the PS5 is 120fps-capable and your monitor doesn’t have 120Hz, your monitor won’t be able to display all of the frames produced by the console.

Can I get 100fps on a 75Hz monitor?

No, you can’t see all the frames on a 75Hz monitor which limits the 100fps capabilities of a game.

Do you need 120fps for a 120Hz monitor?

No, you don’t need 120fps on a 120Hz monitor. However, such a high framerate monitor is capable of running 120fps titles.

Can PS5 run 8K?

PS5 consoles are currently limited by software to 4K image resolution of 2160p maximum. Most game titles run at 1080p. To ensure your TV runs at maximum PS5 4K resolution you need a 4K-capable TV. Sony announces its console will also run 8K resolution in the future.