What is The Fear of Chairs Called?

The fear of chairs is called Cathedraphobia. This is a sub-branch of general furniture fear called epiplaphobia and characterized by the anxiety towards empty chairs, mainly antiques. It manifests through sweating, shortness of breath, or anxiety.

As with most phobias, the fear of chairs is almost always accompanied by a fear of losing control. Those suffering from a fear of chairs are often afraid they can’t control their reaction in the vicinity of certain chairs. In other cases, just thinking about certain chairs can trigger this fear.

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Are Gaming Chairs Comfortable?

Gaming chairs are comfortable as they come with a hugging design that relaxes the body. Firm but cozy, gaming chairs are either made with high-density cold-cured foam or with a high-density sponge. These materials are responsible for the comfort of the chair together with posture adjustability features.

You’ve decided you want to invest in a comfortable gaming chair after using a task chair for years. But you aren’t sure if gaming chairs are as comfortable as manufacturers set them out to be. This article looks into what makes these chairs comfortable. Surprisingly, it’s not the cover of the gaming chair that it’s most important.

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5 Reasons Why Secretlab Chairs Are Worth It

Secretlab chairs are worth it due to the high customization options and their minimalistic look. No other gaming chairs offer tens of colors and 3 cover materials (PU leather, textile fabric, and Napa leather). Furthermore, these chairs are covered by warranty for 5 years.

Secretlab chairs are worth it if you need a mid-range gaming chair that is firm. These chairs are an upgrade from a cheap office chair or an entry-level gaming chair priced between $100 and $200. These chairs also last longer, with a minimum warranty of 5 years.

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14 Minimal Desk Setups To Wow Your Inner Minimalist

All minimal desk setups are tidy, well-organized, modern-looking. They increase productivity and they can be characterized by a lack of clutter. Minimalist desk setups are suitable both for home, office, or gaming spaces. All minimal desk setup ideas listed below are inspired by real users. You can find links to most of the product features in these ultimate desk setups for the modern user.

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5 Floor Desk Ideas Inspired by Japan

A floor desk is typically made with a height of 15 inches and it can be used for computer work. Inspired by Japanese desks, floor desks are typically ideal for short periods of work. The following floor desk ideas can be put into practice with or without a desk floor mat or a desk floor chair.

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Why are Standing Desks so Expensive?

Standing desks are expensive because they use costly wood table tops and dual electric motors for height adjustments. They use solid wood and quality motors which are expensive to manufacture. Low wobble tolerances make desks harder to manufacture at a low cost.

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