7 Best Star Wars Gaming Chairs

These best Star Wars gaming chairs are inspired by the popular series that transcends gaming generations. Darth Vader gaming chairs, Yoda gaming chairs, or Luke Skywalker gaming chairs have been coming and going. The purpose of this article is to rank current Star Wars or Star Wars-themed gaming chairs.

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6 Gaming Laptops That Don’t Look Like Gaming Laptops

Thin and elegant aesthetics are important for gaming laptops that don’t look like gaming laptops. The days of bulky designs are over as more people are looking for gaming laptops that look normal since they need one product to do it all. This article looks into a few good examples of such computing machines and the reasons why you might want to swap your old bulky and heavy gaming laptop for something a bit more 21st century.

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Ikea Karlby Desk Review With Hacks and Setup Ideas

This Ikea Karbly desk review and setup ideas list focuses on what can be achieved with a computer desk on a budget. While the Karbly countertop has its use of inexpensive setups as well, most of those considering it are aware of its value for money.

The Ikea Karlby is a butcher block countertop often used for computer desks. It features 2 sizes of just over 74” and 98” to create an elegant desktop that’s also sturdy. You can mount the Ikea Karlby countertop on desk legs or on desk drawer units such as the Ikea Alex drawers.

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20+ Mid-Century Modern Office Ideas

This post exemplifies some of the best mid-century modern offices you can recreate without too much fuss. Finding furniture with inspiration from this design trend isn’t as complicated as it used to be but it still takes longer than finding any type of office furniture.

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Branch Ergonomic Chair Review

If you’re interested in a Branch Ergonomic Chair review you came to the right place. This chair is exploding in popularity given its high adjustability and low price. But is there a catch? Let’s find out below.

The Branch Ergonomic office chair is part of a series of professional-level designs from the Branch that includes the Task Chair, the Daily Chair, and the Elevate Chair. Among all, the Ergonomic Chair from Branch seems to be the best choice if you’re making an upgrade from your old non-ergonomic seat.

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20+ Ikea Countertop Desks That Last for Life

Ikea countertop desks use kitchen counters from the Swedish brand for a minimalist setup that looks great. Most Ikea countertops can be used as desks with legs from the same brand or third-party sellers.

Have you ever wanted to create a distinct desk for yourself without knowing where to get the desktop part? Ikea sells kitchen countertops that also make great desktops given their durability and especially for how they look.

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Ikea Söderhamn Sofa Review [Pros, Cons, and Hacks]

Ikea Soderhamn is a sectional sofa you can customize for office or living rooms. By comparison, it’s based on a lightweight design that is made to fit almost any type of room shape and dimensions. Soderhamn sofa reviews confirm its customizable design and its durable materials make it a worthy choice in the sectional modular sofa world.

This modular sofa is increasing in popularity at Ikea and many of those buying their first minimalist sofa is considering the purchase. The Soderhamn couch doesn’t extend but it works watching TV, for the living room, next to the bedroom’s bed, or as a backup office sofa.

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55+ Gaming Room Ideas With Cool Decor

Are you looking for gaming room ideas you can replicate at home? This article shows you top setups and decor ideas the gamer in you always wanted to have. All of them are already put into practice in small and large rooms. Even if you only have a bedroom to turn into a gamer’s paradise, you will still find inspiration in one of the designs below.

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Funny Office Chairs Too Crazy for Everyday Use

You won’t believe the following funny office chairs exist. We’ve seen our share of crazy office chairs here but we’ve never gathered them in one place for the world to see. This list consists of unusual office chairs that might be a bit too difficult to use every day, even if some of them can work if you have patience and the right mindest.

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3 PS5 Gaming Setup Ideas To Inspire a New Gaming Generation

The ultimate PS5 gaming setup ideas include a valid desk, a good monitor, or a potent 1080p TV with at least 4K resolution. Headphones, speakers, and a comfortable gaming chair are also part of a cool PS5 console setup.

Have you been preparing your new gaming setup for your PlayStation 5? You might want to have a look at the PS5 gaming setup ideas below to get inspired by the pros. This article looks into 3 PS setups with links where you can get all of the important tools your setup needs to recreate them at home.

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