Ikea Markus Review [Compared With Aeron, Järvfjället, and Secretlab Office Chairs]

The Ikea Markus is an office chair with breathable or leather materials with an ergonomic design. It’s considered an affordable office chair and it represents one of the first choices for an ergonomic design on a budget.

Many see the Markus chair as a bit limiting though its lacks adjustable armrests. But this office chair is much more affordable than others in its class. Is it work the hype though?

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Best 5 Gaming Chairs With 400lbs Weight Capacity

The best gaming chair with 400lbs weight capacity is made for big and tall gamers. Their role is to offer support and a durable base that won’t crack under heavyweight. Gaming chairs of 400 pounds (181kg) weight capacity can also be used by regular gamers who need to ensure their purchase is going to last. This proves nearly impossible with regular flimsy gaming chairs you can buy in supermarkets.

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8 Best Xbox One Gaming Chairs That Are Ergonomic

The X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 remains the best Xbox One gaming chair. It features solid construction, ergonomic sitting, and audio compatibility with your Xbox gaming console. This chair is also made to look distinct with visible hand stitching.

If you’re after the best, you need to know which types of gaming chairs are truly worth your investment, especially since you might need to spend more on games.

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3 Ficmax Gaming Chairs Reviewed and Compared

You can find a Ficmax gaming chair in different levels of cushioning and colors. These gaming chairs Ficmax makes are designed with a footrest for the ultimate comfort. Often used by gamers due to their comfort and affordability, Ficmax chairs can also be used at the office.

Some of the most impressive Ficmax gaming chair reviews show it scores highly. But is this true and can you blindly buy one without wasting your money?

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